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On every island, there will be celebrations showcasing the culture.

However, the official “main” Heiva festival – known as the – takes place on the main island of Tahiti.

And why not add a bit of competition to the flavor?

The Heiva is also a competitive festival, bringing together thousands of singers, artists, dancers, and athletes from all five archipelagos and the 65 inhabited islands of the French Territory who compete as individuals and teams for the ultimate bragging rights.

At this time hotel air-conditioning becomes a necessity as humidity rises.Here you can slow down, take a breath and surrender to the hypnotizing rhythm of waves gently lapping on the shore.Balmy breezes carry the scent of orchids and other tropical blooms, while crystalline waters offer access to flourishing reefs and colorful sea life.The capital city – Papeete – hosts the main song and dance competitions every evening in the “Fare Tahiti Nui” by the cultural center in Place Toata.This is “the main event” and what makes the competitive festival so well known.

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