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And I am a pretty, tasty girl with typical traditional Chinese concept.

All my friends like me, as I am a very helpful person not only in my work, as well as in my life.

i am looking for a guy that has a good head on his shoulders with a firm sense of his self and an appreciation for honesty and harmony. I wish we can love each other, appreciate each other, encourage and support each other in difficulties.

LOOKS ARE NOT EVERYTHING IN A RELATIONSHIP ITS WHATS ON THE INSIDE THAT REALLY COUNTS .i am very open minded i like meeting cute boys i like healthy stuff, good vibes and i do not have time to waste time so i like to have fun and i make it fun some things i like in no particular order are beastie boys, dogs, dancing, snoop dog, art, sushi, aerobics/weights, tom petty, jazz, good company, deep down and dirty hard hitting house music, and most everything that falls in between. Ok, that's me.hi, I have been waiting and lookng for the person in my life.

so yeah if you would like to do that with me then like send me a message or something because i like have a lunch pass since i like live in the dorms and so i like eat chicken fried steak like everyday. And people who say they are funny usually are, right? Also: because my shoes are exactly one foot long on the bottom.

Because I need to meet you if you are who I think you are.

but like im still skinny and i was just thinking like the other day that it would be so rad if like i had sex with someone and we had like lots of chicken fried steak everywhere and like we could like eat it off of each other and like pour gravy over our bodies and stuff like that.

U HAVE TO LIKE ME FOR WHO I AM NOT WHAT I CAN DO FOR U OR WHAT U CAN DO FOR ME. Sometimes I am motivated, but occasionally I am so lazy.


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Way 1: Usually nicknames reflect an aspect of your personality, background, or interests.

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