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I've had opportunitiies in the past but also have froze up Background: I think i'm a decent looking guy, I work out, try to dress well, etc.

I'm also a guy that is good at talking to other people but I feel like when it turns to a romantic context I get scared.

It’s just that I am very guarded against letting people in romantically. The other week, I was at a bar and I was talking to a friend[24F] of mine who I noticed was interested in me as she started getting touchy with me and viceversa. I was kindof interested in her and I'm definitely horny enough to have wanted to make out and stuff but for some reason I couldn't?While I was rejected I did not feel embarrassed for having asked and had a great night all things considered.I've definitely learned that it might not be that bad to get rejected as I previously thought. I have been through some hard times that were outside of my control and I managed to overcome them.But when it comes to relationships I am literally don’t know where to start.If I get a a hint of someone liking me I get awkward and start finding reasons why I shouldn’t date them.

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