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ANTICIPATION: 3 Fans have been eagerly awaiting this third series, but the royal family may want to cover their eyes as the drama delves into a turbulent era of the Windsors’ history.Olivia Colman takes over from Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II, although the performance everyone wants to see is Helena Bonham Carter, playing the boozy black sheep of the family Princess Margaret.ANTICIPATION: 3 After acclaimed drama Kiri, actress Sarah Lancashire is reunited with writer Jack Thorne for this harrowing story of a devastating explosion in a small Welsh town.She plays Polly, the wife of a politician who championed the creation of the building project that led to the disaster – which also left her daughter disabled.Now Mark Strong returns to telly playing a good guy – a talented surgeon who sets up an underground clinic after his wife develops a life-threatening illness.Line Of Duty’s Daniel Mays is the suave star’s sidekick in this eight-episode comic thriller – which is set beneath a London Tube station.ANTICIPATION: 3 Over-75s being forced to pay for their TV licences will be thrilled to hear the Beeb have blown the budget on this lavish adaptation of Philip Pullman’s fantasy.It is thought to be one of the most expensive dramas ever shown on BBC1 with most of the money spent on CGI.

The crime books have been adapted by Sarah Phelps who sexed up the BBC’s recent versions of Agatha Christie’s novels.

LED by Helen Mirren as Catherine the Great, this autumn’s TV features a bosom-heaving, nail-biting, side-splitting line-up.

There’s even Cockney geezer Danny Dyer hosting a hilarious game show.

ANTICIPATION: 2 The second series of the historical drama explores another chapter in the Roman invasion of Britain in 43AD, with David Morrissey and Mackenzie Crook leading the cast.

Steve Pemberton is brilliantly cast as Emperor Claudius – whose piles are inflamed by riding on an elephant.

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Led by Oscar-winner Helen Hunt and Sean Bean, it tells the intertwined story of ordinary people living through World War Two.

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