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Except when you use Facebook Messenger, you can do a lot more with email, and you can do it faster.

How different has it been for you doing a sitcom today versus doing "One Day at a Time" back in the '70s? It doesn't feel like it's been 30 years since I was on "One Day at a Time." When you started with Jenny Craig, did you think, "I'm never going to be able to lose all of this weight," or were you really determined? There are different tools with Jenny that do make it easier. And they went on to be huge hits, but that doesn't matter.Facebook Messenger marketing is the use of Facebook Messenger chat as a communication channel with prospective customers.Facebook Messenger marketing is a lot like email marketing.It seems appropriate that Valerie Bertinelli should be co-starring with Betty White in "Hot in Cleveland," TV Land's first original sitcom, which premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. I think a little bit of all that because I've been doing it forever - losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight. They weren't meant for me, and they might not have been huge hits had I been in them because it might have changed the whole dynamic of the show. Looking at your career right now, it's kind of parallel to Betty White's in that all of a sudden you have these new projects and it's like a whole second phase to your career.Just like the former "Golden Girl," Bertinelli, who first gained fame as a teen in the long- running comedy "One Day at a Time," is hot again, and not just in "Cleveland." There's also her gig as a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, her talk show pilot and her recent engagement to businessman Tom Vitale. I never, ever pictured this, that my life would be as happy and fulfilled as it is now.

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Mobile Monkey is to Facebook Messenger marketing as Mail Chimp was to email marketing nearly two decades ago.

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