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After you identified what qualities of you will be attractive and what can be unattractive- you can see what you need to change in yourself to gain success. Defining your real goal- you will understand if it is really important for you.

Another tool I like to use when somebody tells he wants a wife from Ukraine – it is GROW model from life coaching (). You will feel – do you really have motivation move forward, spend time, money, and resources for search?

Ukrainian ladies make wonderful wives and mothers because of their strong family traditions, pride, loyalty and strength of character.5.) Find the best Dating site: There are many Ukraine Dating sites to choose from and you need to select wisely or you will waste your time and money.

If you were looking on the dating sites and always just wasted money – what was your main mistake?

I would like to say many thanks to all who have participated and found time to write their expert tip for you. 🙂Based on the 12 year experience in dating sphere, I can say that the most important in the search for a woman is to have a plan and to be persistent in it. Have a clear picture of what woman exactly you are looking for: the age, the looks, the inner qualities, the character, what she will do for you to make you happy, children (her or your future ones). Make an image of the perfect woman for you to clarify who you are looking for, write at least 10-15 points. Answer these questions for yourself, so again this search will not be just “Unfortunately, only about 10% of all meetings were successful and transformed into marriage and long-lasting relations.

How do you see the plan of the search and building the relationships?

Write about yourself and the type of lady that you are looking for.

If you appear a mystery, then only the curious ladies will contact you.

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