International dating violence study

The findings have larger implications for dating violence interventions in school and communities.

The results of this study suggest the importance of situational dynamic in understanding students’ dating violence.

Respondents were also queried about conflict with, and anger toward, their partners.

Questions included whether the respondent could control his or her anger, how they coped with it, and if they assigned blame for becoming angry to their partner.

Background variables (exposure to violence and approval of violence) were included as control variables.

Hierarchical multiple regression was employed using Stata 13.0.

Our findings suggest that practitioners who are designing programs to prevent dating violence perpetration should target multiple factors, and address both situational risk factors and background ones.

Riggs and O’Leary developed the “background-situational” model (1989) to understand the causes of dating violence.

We found that 46.2% of the students sampled in this study admitted to perpetrating violence against their current dating partner (i.e. Regression results showed that the variance of situational factors (relationship commitment, relationship distress, communication problems, substance abuse, length of time dating, and cohabitation status) is relatively higher than background variables (exposure to violence and approval of violence) (22.7% vs.11.3%).

Also, several factors emerged as significant predictors of dating violence.

They were then asked about conflicts with and opinions of their partner.

In addition, they were asked whether or not they attended religious services.

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International Dating Violence Study, 2001-2006 Summary: The International Dating Violence Study (IDVS) was conducted by a consortium of researchers in 32 nations.

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