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If you are looking for the specific size of a particular paper format these are available on the following pages: The ISO paper size A standard is based on each size being half of the size of the previous one, when folded parallel to the shorter lengths.This system allows for a variety of useful applications, such as the enlarging and reducing of images without any cutoff or margins, or folding to make a booklet of the next size down.Locally sourced, sustainably produced, or made with love – claims on labels that speak to our ethical side have grown astronomically in recent years.How do we know which claims are true, and what they really mean?This leads to a C(n) envelope which nicely holds a sheet of A(n) paper unfolded.This sizing also has some neat properties when dealing with folded paper, so a C4 envelope will hold a sheet of A4 paper unfolded, a C5 envelope will hold a sheet of A4 paper folded in half once parallel to its shortest sides and a C6 envelope will hold the same piece of paper folded twice.

There are some requirements for paper sizes where the A series isn't suitable and to take these into account the B series paper sizes were introduced.ISO’s IDMP standards have just been joined by a new technical report describing key considerations...An IT service management system (ITSMS) is a strategic tool to help organizations improve efficiencies, optimize the use of technologies, save money and provide many other benefits that go beyond IT.New international guidance has just been published to help make things clearer.The identification of medicinal products (IDMP) is often a regulatory requirement and is increasingly necessary as the world moves towards integrated healthcare underpinned by global supply chain verification.

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