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It was just incredible, being able to sit in front of such giant paintings in peace.

You can't really do that otherwise without someone asking you to please move.Downloads are slow, the pages are unresponsive, and I can imagine it's going to cost them tons of unneeded bandwidth. Looks like Micrio doesn't support the International Image Interoperability Framework [0], something I think a museum would be interested in.Oh, and I hate that a fullscreen background image that highjacks the scroll wheel.[0] I can see Van Gogh like this one such detail, without having to go to the museum.We built a tool for this that's being used by for instance Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum , which allows for ultra-res images.The Met should also consider using or any similar technology.

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I don't share every sentiment expressed in that post, but essentially I think they've stripped away many of the pros that made it a win/win for both photographers and users.

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