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On many occasions, he had been met with shock when he told people he had a… People have said he didn’t ‘seem’ like the ‘type’ of person who would date interracially. Was he too middle-class, too conservative to date a ‘mixed’ or ‘black’ girl?

It is true that sometimes I felt that he enjoyed breaking his own stereotype by having me by his side, which made me feel awkward.

I recently asked him to reflect on things and I was surprised by how much the mixed-race element of our relationship had affected him.1960s Britain was an incredibly tough place for a mixed race couple, but in Nigeria things were just as uncomfortable.Nana’s white skin was discussed in front of her as if she was not there and she could hardly retort in a society where women were often seen and not heard. She spoke of being driven around the villages in the jeep so people could see him with his “White Wife”.Unlike my ex-boyfriend’s experiences, I have never had someone ask to see photos to prove I had a “white” boyfriend, nor did I ever feel awkward about the colour of my skin when I was with his family.I was, however, surprised that we ended up in a relationship at all.

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