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The actor said he "realized that there was something special about this one." Centineo continued, "I'm just really, really psyched and honored to be part of something that's so groundbreaking, not just for the network, but also for the world, because I don't think anyone has seen something like paints social media in a less-than-wonderful light, Centineo admitted that he didn't change his online habits while filming and doesn't "really govern [his] posts." Though, he also wasn't all that into social media at the time.

When asked his favorite platform, he joked: "Life." , the film follows a group of students who leave incredibly hateful comments on the social media page of a fellow student who committed suicide. , the film is about a "computer nerd" who codes a Tinder-like app — but solely for hooking up.

The series, which ran for four seasons, focused on Austin, an aspiring musician, and Ally, a young songwriter.

Although Centineo was only on the show for three episodes of the first season, he was surely able to widen his exposure by being on the acclaimed network.

reported back in 2015 that "Jesus is looking a little different." While some fans were shocked disappointed that Austin was due to be replaced, others chimed in Centineo's defense. He's actually really good and more emotional while acting.

While there are definitely far worse horror movies than about portraying both teen heartthrobs in the Netflix films, Centineo explained, saying, "What I like about Peter is that he doesn't really give up and he's pretty relentless, and I think a lot of people give up too soon, on love or on ambition." The star said he also loves Peter's tenacity. Of course, now his followers are over five times that amount. Whatever the numbers are, it's just a device, you know? Though Centineo said he plans to use his growing following to "fight a various group of social injustices," he's still "strategizing the best way" to do it. From the trailer, it appears Centineo plays Lance Black, a college student who comes up with the idea for the app and enlists the help of his much more computer-savvy roommate.

While Centineo's character may be a fan of dating and hookup apps, the actor himself is not all about that life.

You haven't seen Jake get so emotional and make it feel real, have you?

" "Physically, he wasn't the perfect fit for the recast but everything else outweighed that." Paige said Centineo brought "the charm, the offbeat wisdom" and "that slightly off way of looking at the world that made Jesus so memorable." Centineo saw the show through to the series finale and is even set to appear in the spinoff, , the show "tackles the dangers of social media and what you share online." When speaking with the site, Centineo explained that he decided to take on the project based on the network, Awesomeness, and after reading through the scenes and attending cast reads.

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"We are from a swipe right generation, and that just comes to, 'Oh you're cute, let's hook up,' and that's that," he told , "Where is actual, genuine connection that comes from spending quality time with someone?

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