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Sarah Kernochan’s story follows a group of girls in the 1960s as they attempt to prevent their school from going co-ed.

The cast, featuring Dunst as Verena von Stefan, includes an ensemble of 90s teen actresses, including Heather Matarazzo and Gaby Hoffman, and it’s not the film’s protagonist (Verena) that galvanizes the girls to action.

Coppola’s film, and Dunst’s performance, showcase a world where being female leaves Lux at the whim of numerous competing desires, whether it’s that of parents, high school boys or society at large.

These themes would pop up again in Dunst’s later pairings with Coppola: 2006’s wasn’t recognized by the Academy.

Surrounding men idealize her, and while she allows one to get close — Josh Hartnett’s Trip Fontaine — it proves that the fears established in are well-founded.

He was approached by a talent manage while riding an elevator in Los Angeles who suggested he try a career in Hollywood, enrolling him in acting school.

From Montebello, California, Jay is a fourth-generation Mexican American.

Verena concedes that relationships of all stripes are important, and there’s no judgement in her willingness to both be a leader and have a man on her arm.

Dunst’s filmography is filled with daring characters, written and directed by women, that have been let down by the male-dominated system.

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Possibly inspired by the freedom that comes from playing fully realized young women, Dunst subsequently starred in two of the most subversive comedies of her career.

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