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Dr Jessica is certainly better for him than malicious Molly.

While the couple hasn’t DTR’d publicly, that photo from the Spartan race sure looks cuddly.

That, plus their Instagram activity sure makes it seem like they’re official.

The IG pic above shows Dr Jessica’s hand photobombing Jon’s coffee selfie, and that’s lots more where that came from.

The friends are known to be close to one another especially considering their business relationship.

fan posted back in July that she saw Jon Francetic and Dr Jessica smooching in Massachusetts.

They’ve also been posting on Instagram from the same locales all summer and dropping flirty comments.

Molly exploded over being taped and her lies put on display for all to see.

Dr Jessica dropped some harsh truths on Molly Duff saying the way she spoke to Jon “was vile” and said she thinks Molly’s been lying.

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