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Cathriona White, a 30-year-old Irish make up artist, was still married to Mark Burton, a cameraman she met in Los Angeles, when she died.He was named as her next of kin, yet the couple were said to be separated and White was planning to begin divorce proceedings in December.He dropped out of high school, worked on his celebrity impersonations (among them Michael Landon and James Stewart), and in 1979 worked up the nerve to move to Los Angeles.He finessed his way into a regular gig at The Comedy Store, where he impressed Rodney Dangerfield so much that the veteran comic signed him as an opening act for an entire season.

He landed a part as a novice cartoonist in the short-lived sitcom The Duck Factory (1984); while the show fell flat, the experience gave Carrey the confidence to pursue acting more vigorously.They all took security and janitorial jobs in the Titan Wheels factory, Jim working 8-hour shifts after school let out (not surprisingly, his grades and morale both suffered).When they finally deserted the factory, the family lived out of a Volkswagen camper van until they could return to Toronto.White, a Scientologist, had been taking "survival" courses at the religion's celebrity center in the past few months, according to Daily Friends of the White family paid tribute to Cathriona, described as "a quiet and gentle girl".

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