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While talking to Jill, Ariel explains she couldn't see the pole because she thought it was yellow.

She confirms, and when Jill says that kissing is fun, Ariel says she's like a kissaholic now, but then quickly turns to her dad and says she's kidding.She then proceeds to talk to the camera, saying that she's single and that she's living the good life.At the end of the season, during the Top 25 Moments Episode, Ariel appears again after the Johns reveal Ariel is their favorite moment of the season.She crosses 3 stacks before ultimately tumbling down. While she's making her way to the Sucker Punch, the Johns reveal Ariel competes in the Alaskan Youth Olympics, but her athletic training doesn't carry her to the other side.As John Anderson says her event was the 'seal hop', Ariel begins her leap to the Big Balls.

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