Latest scams in dating service

They may ask for your account and card details, including your PIN number, and even offer to send a courier to collect your card.

They may also advise transferring your money to a ‘safe account’ to protect it.

You can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office or report spam texts by forwarding the text for free to 7726.

If you have received a silent or abandoned call, complain to Ofcom.

If you’ve registered your phone number with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or if you’ve told the company directly that you don’t wish to receive phone calls, you shouldn’t receive direct marketing calls from the UK.

If you receive an unwanted telesales call, an automated message, or a spam message, tell the company that you don’t wish to be contacted again.

Legitimate IT companies don’t contact customers this way.

Read our section about staying safe online for more tips and advice.

Someone may call claiming to be from your bank telling you there’s a problem with your card or account.

If you’re in any doubt, hang up and call the organisation directly.

If possible, call them from different phone as scammers can keep the phone line open, so that even if you hang up and call the organisation directly, the line may still be connected to the scammer.

To register your mobile phone, text 'TPS' and your email address to 85095.

Talk to your phone provider to see what privacy services and call-blocking services are available, although you may need to pay for some of these services.

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Even though it won't necessarily block scammers, you can register for free with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) to reduce the number of cold calls you receive.

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