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When it comes to other drugs the detection times are a lot shorter in general, often less than a week or two max.

It ranges from anywhere between a day or less to over 3 months.

In order to decide whether you actually need to worry about passing your test or not, the first steps will be to understand how long weed (or your drug of choice) stays present in your pee in the first place, and also whether your drug is something being tested for: I’ve covered this before on the website already, so the following will just be a quick recap of what you really ought to know on the subject, but here goes: Drugs and their metabolites (THC especially so), will stay in your body in trace amounts and be present in your urine for a very long time after using them, but what matters for a drug test is only that the concentrations of them fall below the drug test cut-off levels.

For marijuana, the standard cut-off is at 50ng/ml, or in some special cases as low as 20 ng/ml.

But don’t assume the worst just yet, and even if the worst is the case, there are ways to get around that too that I’ll get too soon enough.

Here are some general estimation pointers on how long you can expect it to take for your pee to be clean naturally and not need to worry about your test at all: Keep in mind, this is not precise by any means and as mentioned before can vary from person to person, so often it can be a good idea to take some precautions anyways if you’re somewhat close to falling withing above timelines.

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