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Each group controlled a certain portion of land; thus the clan society originated.

Another peculiarity was their music which was centered around a device composed of a sheepskin bag which emitted a background drone through hollow pipes while the musician played a tune through a mouth instrument; the entire apparatus was called a "bagpipe".

Eochaid Buidhe led his Scots against the Saxons and successfully defended the kingdom until his death in 621.

The highest peak was 2600 feet in elevation and these "Paps" were visible from the sea at great distances.

On the islands northern straits was a gigantic opensea whirlpool composed of boiling, treacherous waters.

These Dalriadic Scots intermingled with the preexisting peoples known as the Picts, a prehistoric tribe from across the North Sea.

About this time, the Scots and Picts were converted from their primeval religions to Christianity by missionaries from Ireland.

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