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We’ve highlighted some of the stereotypes that every local in Rajasthan experiences, which are far from the truth.

Another sweeping generalization, which is categorically false, this misconception probably stemmed from the Indian TV soaps that showcase every second person as Banna, Baisa or Marwari, which leads to the stereotype.While in some villages of Rajasthan, rustic folks prefer donning traditional attire, in several other parts of the state and in the country at large, where Rajasthanis are settled, they do not dress up like this every day.It’s only during some special occasions that they put on traditional garb (that’s a personal choice, though).There’s a caricature in Rajasthani folk that all men are businessmen (though they make great business leaders and entrepreneurs) and all women are housewives.We agree that some Rajasthani men are businessmen and some women are housewives (which is also no less than a job – 365 days a year, 24/7 – without compensation, just pure love and sheer joy).

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