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Those who do not remove the materials may face fines (including up to .5 million or 10% of annual revenue for corporations) and jail time.This law applies regardless of whether or not the content is hosted on servers in Australia.It requires websites that provide a hosting service to "ensure the expeditious removal" of audio or visual material documenting "abhorrent violent conduct" (including terrorist acts, murder, attempted murder, torture, rape or kidnapping), produced by a perpetrator or accomplice, within a reasonable time-frame.Hosts must also identify and report such content to authorities.

If the site is hosted outside Australia, the content in question is added to a blacklist of banned URLs.Other countries are planning new cities using technological innovation to achieve more sustainable development.Such plans aren't new for Australia, but existing city growth is the focus of attention.The bill has faced criticism for being imprecise, with no formal definition of how quickly sites must remove the abhorrent content, and being wider-reaching than needed (it applies to any service that hosts content, while the intent of the bill implied a goal to impose it on social networking services).In New South Wales, Internet censorship legislation was introduced in 2001 which criminalises online material which is unsuitable for minors.

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