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Automated System Integrated Ltd Avon Tsaur AVY CO., LTD. Chang, Wei-Chen CHANG, Wei-Chi Chang, Wei-Ching Chang, Wei-Fang CHANG, WEI-HUNG Chang, Wei-Jung Chang, Wei-Kuo Chang, Wei-Ling Chang, Wei-Sheng CHANG, WEI-TING Chang, Wei-Wei Chang, Wen-Chang Chang, Wen-Chang CHANG, WEN-CHEN @ JENNIFER CHANG CHANG, Wen-Chi Chang, Wen-Chih CHANG, WEN-CHU Chang, Wen-Hai CHANG, WEN-HO CHANG, WEN-HSIEN CHANG, WEN-JU CHANG, WEN-LANG CHANG, WEN-PANG CHANG, WEN-TUNG CHANG, WEN-TUNG CHANG, WEN-YI @ WENDY CHANG CHANG, WU HO-YUAN CHANG, YA-CHIN Chang, Ya-Chin, Lucy (Ms) Chang, Ya-Ching CHANG, YA-CHUN CHANG, YA-FEN Chang, Ya-Han Chang, Ya-Hui Chang, Ya-Hui Chang, Ya-Lan CHANG, YA-LI Chang, Ya-Ling CHANG, YA-TZU CHANG, YA-WEN Chang, Yau-Huang CHANG, YE-PING Chang, Yen-Chia CHANG, YEN-CHUN CHANG, YEN-CHUNG CHANG, YEN-MING Chang, Yen-Ni CHANG, YEN-TANG CHANG, YI Chang, Yi CHANG, YI-CHIAO CHANG, YI-CHIEH CHANG, YI-WEI Chang, Yih-Chou CHANG, YIN-YUAN Chang, Ying Chang, Ying-Tsang Chang, Yow-Ji Chang, Yu Cheng CHANG, YU-CHE Chang, Yu-Chen Chang, Yu-Chen CHANG, YU-CHI Chang, Yu-Chih CHANG, YU-CHIN Chang, Yu-Ching Chang, Yu-Chu CHANG, YU-CHUAN Chang, Yu-Fang CHANG, YU-FEN CHANG, YU-HO CHANG, YU-HSIEN Chang, Yu-Hui CHANG, YU-HUNG Chang, Yu-Jang Chang, Yu-Kuan Chang, Yu-Lin Chang, Yu-Lun Chang, Yu-Min Chang, Yu-Min Chang, Yu-Ping Chang, Yu-Shan Chang, Yu-Shiuan CHANG, YU-TANG @ TONY Chang, Yu-Ying Chang, Yuan-Chang Chang, Yuan-Chieh CHANG, YUAN-CHUNG Chang, Yuan-Fu Chang, Yuan-Hsin Chang, Yuan-Jum Chang, Yuan-Min Chang, Yuan-Pin Chang, Yuang-Hsun Chang, Yun-Chi Chang, Yun-Jung Chang, Yun-Min CHANG, YUN-PENG Chang, Yung Chieh CHANG, Yung-Chia Chang, Yung-Fu CHANG, YUNG-HSUN CHANG, YUNG-HSUN Chang, Yung-Liang CHANG, YUNG-SHENG Chang, Yung-Yu Chang, Zin-Kain Chang-ho Fibre Corporation Chang-Ho Fibre Corporation Chang-Ming Hsieh Chang-Shien Changement Invetsment Co., Inc. AUDREY FOO YIING TYNG Audrey Huang Augustus Asset Management Taiwan Ltd Aunchalee Leelaket Aurora Corporation Aurora Holdings Corporation Aurora, Tsou AUTO PARTS INDUSTRIAL LTD. LTD Axiomtex Co., LTD Axiomtex Co., LTD Represented by Yang Yu-Te AY Commercial Law Offices 安成法律事務所 B. David Chang) Chang, Fong-Chuan CHANG, FU-CHIN Chang, Fu-Li Chang, Fu-Mei Chang, Han-Pin CHANG, HAO-CHUNG CHANG, HAO-TIEN CHANG, HAO-TIEN CHANG, HIS LUNG Chang, His-Wu Chang, Ho-Chin Chang, Hsi Lung Chang, Hsi-Chang Chang, Hsi-Hui Chang, Hsi-Ta Chang, Hsiang Chang, Hsiang-Te CHANG, HSIANG-YU CHANG, HSIAO-CHI CHANG, HSIAO-PING Chang, Hsiao-Wei Chang, Hsien-Wen CHANG, HSIN-HUNG CHANG, HSIN-I CHANG, HSIN-PENG Chang, Hsing-Min CHANG, HSING-TING Chang, Hsiu-Cheng CHANG, HSIU-CHING Chang, Hsiu-Chu Chang, Hsiu-Ling CHANG, Hsiu-Mi Chang, Hsiu-Ting Chang, Hsueh-Cheng Chang, Hsueh-Lien Chang, Hsueh-Lin CHANG, HSUN-CHING CHANG, HSUN-PIN CHANG, HUAI-EN Chang, Huan-Chang Chang, Huan-Chang Chang, Huan-Cheng CHANG, HUANG CHANG, HUANG-I Chang, Hui-Chen CHANG, HUI-CHENG CHANG, HUI-CHUN Chang, Hui-Fang CHANG, HUI-JU CHANG, HUI-LAN CHANG, HUI-MEI @ AMY CHANG Chang, Hui-Min Chang, Hui-Ming Chang, Hung-Chi CHANG, HUNG-CHUAN CHANG, HUNG-MING CHANG, HUNG-SHENG Chang, Hung-Wen CHANG, HUO-CHUN Chang, I Chang, I-Hsien Chang, I-Wen Chang, I-Wen Chang, I-Yuan Chang, Ie-Chung Chang, Jar-Win Chang, Jar-Win Chang, Jen- Shien CHANG, JEN-CHIEH CHANG, Jen-Chih CHANG, JIA JIH Chang, Jia-Jen Chang, Jia-Yu CHANG, JING YU Chang, Jing-Hay CHANG, JING-YU CHANG, JING-YU Chang, Jiun Shiung CHANG, JIUN-SHIUNG Chang, Jiun-Shiung CHANG, JO-CHU Chang, Jui-Chuan Chang, Jui-Fang Chang, Jui-Jen Chang, Jui-Lung Chang, Jung-Fu Chang, Jung-Fu Chang, Jung-Kang CHANG, JUNG-LEE Chang, Kai- Lin Chang, Kai-Chieh Chang, Kai-Chun CHANG, KEN-HUA CHANG, KENG-HAO CHANG, KENG-HUA Chang, Ko-Chun Chang, Ko-Li Chang, Kuan-Cheng @ Dominic Chang Chang, Kuang Yi Chang, Kuang-Ming CHANG, KUEI-CHENG CHANG, KUEI-CHING Chang, Kuei-Sheng CHANG, KUEI-TANG Chang, Kuen-Chi Chang, Kuo-An Chang, Kuo-Cheng, Tseng, Chiung-Hui & etc CHANG, KUO-CHIUN Chang, Kuo-Pang Chang, Kuo-Sheng Chang, Kuo-Tun Chang, Kuo-Wei Chang, Kuo-Wen CHANG, KUO-YUAN CHANG, LAI-YUI CHANG, LAI-YUI Chang, Lan-Fang Chang, Lee-Cheng Chang, Lee-Cheng CHANG, LEE-CHENG CHANG, LEE-SHIH Chang, Lerng-Horng CHANG, LI-CHEN CHANG, LI-CHENG Chang, Li-Cheng Chang, Li-Chiao Chang, Li-Ching Chang, Li-Chu CHANG, LI-CHUAN Chang, Li-Chun Chang, Li-Hsiang Chang, Li-Hsueh Chang, Li-Hsun Chang, Li-Li CHANG, LI-PEN Chang, Li-Tuan CHANG, LI-WEI CHANG, Li-Yen Chang, Li-Yung CHANG, LIANG CHANG, LIANG-CHIH Chang, Liang-Chu CHANG, LIANG-HUA CHANG, LIAO-CHUAN Chang, Lin Sin-Min CHANG, LING Chang, Ling-Chin Chang, Ling-Hsi Chang, Liu Li-Chun Chang, Liu-Tsao Chang, Lo Yen-Li Chang, Lu-Hwai CHANG, MAN-LI Chang, Mao-Kun Chang, Mei-Chen CHANG, MEI-CHIAO Chang, Mei-Hsueh CHANG, MEI-HUA CHANG, MEI-HUI Chang, Mei-Lan CHANG, Mei-Ying Chang, Mei-Ying Chang, Mei-Yu Chang, Mei-Yun Chang, Min-Chieh CHANG, Min-Hui CHANG, MING-CHE @ MORGAN CHANG CHANG, MING-CHEN Chang, Ming-Chin CHANG, MING-CHUN CHANG, MING-FAN CHANG, MING-FAN Chang, Ming-Fong Chang, Ming-Ho Chang, Ming-Hua CHANG, MING-LI CHANG, MING-TA Chang, Ming-Tung Chang, Nai-Heng Chang, Nelson An-Ping CHANG, PAI-MO Chang, Pang-Yuan Chang, Pao Kuei Chang, Pao-Chi Chang, Pao-Chin CHANG, PAO-FENG Chang, Pao-Yuan CHANG, PAUL TIEN-SHENG CHANG, PEI-AN Chang, Pei-Chin CHANG, PEI-LING Chang, Pen-Chu CHANG, PENG-HSIN Chang, Pey-Lin Chang, Pi-Hua Chang, Pi-Yu Chang, Pi-Yu and Chang Chen, Ah-Chu CHANG, PI-YUN CHANG, PING-SHAN CHANG, Ping-Yu CHANG, PO-CHAO CHANG, PO-HSUN CHANG, PO-KUANG Chang, Po-Wei Chang, San-Liang Chang, Sei-Wang Chang, Sen-Nan Chang, Shan Chang, Shan-Sheng CHANG, SHAO-CHIANG Chang, Shao-Chiang @ Stephen Chang Chang, Shao-Ning Chang, Shao-Pei @ Leo Shaopei Chang CHANG, SHEN-CHI Chang, Shen-Kai CHANG, SHENG-CHUN CHANG, SHIH CHANG CHANG, SHIH-CHIEH Chang, Shih-Fu Chang, Shih-Hsun CHANG, SHIH-MING Chang, Shih-Pei CHANG, SHIH-PING Chang, Shin-Hwei Chang, Shin-Ping Chang, Shine Kune Chang, Shine-Kune CHANG, SHOW-HOW Chang, Shu-Chen Chang, Shu-Fen CHANG, SHU-JU Chang, Shu-Jui CHANG, SHU-MEI Chang, Shu-Mei Chang, Shu-Wei CHANG, SHU-YA CHANG, SHUANG-YUAN Chang, Shui-Yung Chang, Shun Ming Chang, Shun-Ming Chang, Shun-Ming CHANG, SHUN-TSUNG CHANG, SON-NANE Chang, Sou-Chuan Chang, Sou-Chuan Chang, Su-Chen Chang, Su-Hsueh @ Chang, Su-Xue CHANG, SU-HUI Chang, Su-Yee Chang, Su-Ying CHANG, SUNG-KEN Chang, Szu-Hsiung CHANG, SZU-LIN CHANG, SZU-TING Chang, Szu-Tsung Chang, Ta-Cheng CHANG, TA-WEI CHANG, Tai CHANG, TAI-AN Chang, Tai-Shan Chang, Tai-Yuan CHANG, TANG-CHIEN Chang, Tay-Rou CHANG, TE-CHEN Chang, Te-Jui Chang, Te-Kan Chang, Te-Kuei Chang, Te-Ming CHANG, TE-SHENG Chang, Te-Tsai Chang, Tian-Bao Chang, Tien-Hsiang CHANG, TINA Chang, Ting-An Chang, Ting-Lih Chang, Ting-Ming Chang, Ting-Ting Chang, Ting-Yang CHANG, TSAI-CHOU Chang, Tsui-Luan Chang, Tsun-hsin CHANG, TSUNG-HSIEN Chang, Tsung-Hsin CHANG, TSUNG-KUEI Chang, Tsung-Shien Chang, Tsung-Yih Chang, Tu-Hsing Chang, Tung-I Chang, Tung-Lin Chang, Tung-Wen CHANG, TZU-SHANG CHANG, WAN CHIH CHANG, WAN-JU Chang, Wan-Pen CHANG, WAN-YI CHANG, WANG-KUO Chang, Wei-An @ Chang, Annie W. Hsin) Chao, Hsin-Cheh Chao, Hsiu-Pin CHAO, HUI-MEI Chao, James Kon-In Chao, Jing Amy Chao, Ju-Yu Chao, Kuan-Yu Chao, Kuang-Cheng Chao, Kuo-Hwa CHAO, KUO-SHENG Chao, Leh-Feng CHAO, LI-CHING Chao, Mao-Hsiung Chao, Meng-Yen Chao, Pei-Kang Chao, Pei-Si Chao, Pei-Yen Chao, Pu-Sen Chao, Shih-Chieh CHAO, SHIH-HAN @ ROGER CHAO Chao, Shih-Yang CHAO, SHU-CHUAN Chao, Sung-Ming Chao, Szu-Chi Chao, Tang-Chi Chao, Wan-Hsin CHAO, WEI-YEN CHAO, WEI-YING Chao, Wen-Hao CHAO, WEN-HUEI Chao, Wen-I Chao, Wu-Hsin Chao, Yi Chao, Yu-Fen Chao, Yu-Lung CHAO, YU-TING Chao, Yuan-Cheng CHAO, YUAN-SAN Chao-Ching Chan Chao-Feng Lin Chao-Jan Wang Chao-Nan, Chen CHAO-TING MAO Charlene Ching Shun Chen CHARLES CHAN Charles Huang Charles LIN CHAU HUA PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD. CHAO Chia-Chu Chao Chien-Pai CHAO CHIH-LING CHAO CHU-YUN Chao Fang-Yang CHAO Fang-Yang CHAO Hai-Yen Chao Hsiang-Wei CHAO Huei CHAO Kang Yu Jason CHAO Lin, Ying-Fang CHAO Ling CHAO MEI-FEN CHAO MING-CHING CHAO SHIH, MEI-LING CHAO SHU-HUA Chao Siao-Shee Chao Siao-Shee and Chen Liang-Chung (as joint tenants with right of survivorship) Chao Tai Chui-Chih CHAO Tai-Wei CHAO Tien-Shin CHAO Tien-Shin CHAO Wei-Chieh CHAO Wei-Lun CHAO Ya-Ping Chao Yu-Chen CHAO Yuan-San Chao Yung Chao, An-Chin Chao, Chen-Chuan CHAO, CHENG-PING Chao, Chi Chao, Chi-Cheng CHAO, CHI-HU Chao, Chi-Hung Chao, Chia-Sheng CHAO, CHIEH-CHUNG Chao, Chien CHAO, CHIEN-HUA Chao, Chih-Jung Chao, Chih-Kang CHAO, CHIH-LING Chao, Chih-Yuan CHAO, CHIN-CHUN Chao, Chin-Ku Chao, Chin-Ting Chao, Chiung-Jen CHAO, CHUAN-PAO Chao, Fu-Chuan CHAO, HENG-CHAN Chao, Hsin Hsing-Jiuan (Karen H. Chou Yen, Hsiun-Ling @ Elaine CHOU Yi-San CHOU Yu-Hsien Chou Yuan-Sen CHOU, CHANG CHI Chou, Chang-I Chou, Chao-Li CHOU, CHE-NAN Chou, Chen-Hua Chou, Chen-Yin CHOU, CHENG-HONG Chou, Cheng-Hsien Chou, Chi Chung CHOU, CHI-CHAO Chou, Chi-Fan CHOU, CHI-HSIEN CHOU, Chi-Hsien Chou, Chi-Ming Chou, Chi-Ming CHOU, CHIA-CHING CHOU, CHIA-HUI CHOU, CHIEN-FU Chou, Chien-Hong CHOU, CHIEN-JU CHOU, CHIH-CHEN Chou, Chih-Fang Chou, Chih-Lan Chou, Chih-Lung CHOU, CHIH-PING Chou, Chih-Tung Chou, Chih-Yuan Chou, Chin-Chung CHOU, Chin-Hao Chou, Chin-Yuan @ Chiu, Chin-Yuan CHOU, CHING-HSIUNG Chou, Ching-I Chou, Ching-Meng @ Leon Chou CHOU, CHING-MING Chou, Ching-Shyong Chou, Chiu Yueh CHOU, CHIU-CHUN CHOU, CHIU-YUEH Chou, Chun-Jung Chou, Chun-Jung CHOU, CHUN-LIN CHOU, CHUN-SI Chou, Chun-Wen Chou, [email protected] Chou Chou, Der-Liang CHOU, FANG-CHING Chou, Fang-Hsin Chou, Fen-Ju Chou, Fu-Chuan Chou, Hsi-Ching CHOU, HSI-WEI Chou, Hsiang-Jung Chou, Hsiao-Wen Chou, Hsin-I Chou, Hsu-I Chou, Hsueh-Hsiang Chou, Hsueh-Wen Chou, Hua-Chen Chou, Huei-Tzu Chou, Hui-Fei CHOU, Hui-Ping Chou, Hui-Ying Chou, I-Chung CHOU, I-MING Chou, I-Wen Chou, I-Wen @ Emily Chou Chou, Jui-Lan Chou, Jui-Ming Chou, Jui-Yu Chou, Kai-Fen Chou, Ko-Hua Chou, Kuang-Chien Chou, Kuei-Chang Chou, Kuei-Hsiang CHOU, KUN-SHAN CHOU, KUN-YUAN Chou, Kuo-Hsun CHOU, LI-CHU Chou, Li-Fen Chou, Li-Hui Chou, Li-Na Chou, Liao Mei-Fong @Grace M. Liu Chou, Long-Shou Chou, Lung Chou, Man-Lin Chou, Mei-Chuan CHOU, MEI-KUEI CHOU, MEI-LI Chou, Meng-Chi Chou, Meng-Yi @ Laura Chou CHOU, Min-Chang Chou, Ming Huang Chou, Ming-Hsien CHOU, MING-HSIN Chou, Ming-Li Chou, Ming-Wei Chou, Ming-Wen Chou, Mou-Shong CHOU, PAI-CHIH CHOU, PHONE TZU Chou, Pi-Chin Chou, Ping-Yi @ Alice Chou CHOU, PO-HSING CHOU, PUO-HSUN CHOU, SA-LI Chou, Sen-Chi CHOU, Shang-Chih Chou, Shao-Hua @ Roger Chou Chou, Shiao-Ping @ Grace Cheou Chou, Shih-Chih Chou, Shih-Hsuan Brent Chou, Shih-Tsong CHOU, SHU-CHEN Chou, Shu-Chin Chou, Shu-Feng Chou, Shu-Lan Chou, Shu-Ling Chou, Shu-Ling Chou, Shun-Te Chou, Shuo-Chang Chou, Su-I Chou, Su-Jr Chou, Su-Yin Chou, Ta-Chuen Chou, Ta-Tsai CHOU, TAI-LING CHOU, TAI-SHENG Chou, Teng-Ko CHOU, TIEN-MING CHOU, TING-CHIN Chou, Tsu-An @ Jason Chou Chou, Tsung-Chieh CHOU, TZU-CHIEN Chou, Tzu-Yu CHOU, WAN-YU CHOU, WEI-LIANG CHOU, WEI-MIN (WAYNE CHOU) CHOU, WEN-JU CHOU, WEN-YU Chou, Wu-Kuo CHOU, YA-FAN 周亞藩 Chou, Ya-Fen Chou, Ya-Ling Chou, Yang-Ming CHOU, YEN-CHANG Chou, Yen-Ju Chou, Yi-Hsiung Chou, Yu-Cheng CHOU, YU-CHING CHOU, YU-LING CHOU, YU-TING CHOU, YU-WEI CHOU, YUN-SHENG CHOU, YUNG-FA Chou, Yung-Ming Chou, Yung-Yao CHOU, KUN-TSAI CHOU, MEI-FANG CHOU, SHENG-FENG Chou-Ming Lin Chow Deborah May CHOW I-CHANG Chow Jeffrey James Chow Nien Hwa CHOW The Huei Chow, An-Chang Chow, Chih-Mien Chow, Ching-Tang @ James Chow Chow, Chu-Tsing CHOW, DAH-JEN CHOW, I-CHANG CHOW, PEI-HUA Chow, Po-Chuan CHOW, SHI-SHOU Chow, Yew-Fai Christina Chang CHRISTINA CHEN Christopher Cheng CHRISTOPHER I CHUA DAY Christopher K. Excetek Technologies Co., Ltd Execorp Limited EXPRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. FANN Kuang-Sung Fannie Yee Fanny Chang Fanny Fan Fanny Wann Fanon Investment Co., Ltd FAR EAST STEEL ENTERPRISE CORPORATION Far Eastern Air Transport Corp. Far Eastone Telecommunications Co., Ltd Fast Technologies Inc. First Elite CPAS 臺經聯合會計師事務所 First International Telecom Corp. Mou Hao-Jan MOU PENG, PI-CHING MOU, CHUAN-CHI MOU, CHUAN-CHI Movita Technologies Inc.

CHEN ANNY CHANG Answer Technology Co., Ltd Anthony Liang Anthony Tsai Anthony Tu-Ching Tsai Anyzen Biopharmaceutical Inc. China Ecotek Corporation China Environmental Consultants, Ltd. CHINA MAN-MADE FIBER CORPORATION China Semicondoctor Corporation CHINA STEEL GLOBAL TRADING CORPORATION CHINA STEEL STRUCTURE CO., LTD. Chinese Masterpiece Animation Corp Ching Chuan TANG CHING HUA YEH Ching Shan Zhen Corporation Ching, Chau-Ran Ching, Hui-Lin Ching, Shang-Chang Ching, Shih-Cheng CHING, SI-SHUNG Ching, Tzu-Jen Ching-Hsiang Yang CHING-HSIANG YANG Ching-Jing Sheen Ching-Lung, Yang Ching-Mei Lin Yang Ching-Yang Hsieh Ching-Yi Peng CHINHON STEEL MOLD INC. FOREVER RICH INVESTMENTS CO., LTD FORHOUSE CORPORATION FORMOLIGHT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. George Yen Gerard Don, Harding GIA Management Corporation Giant Capital International Limited Giant Capital World Trade Ltd. Hua, Ci HUA, KUO-LIANG Hua, Shiow-Fen Hua, Shiow-Sue Hua, Wei HUA-PU INVESTMENT COMPANY Huai Ju Koo Chang HUAN Chi-Cheng HUAN I Han 黃奕漢 Huan, Chi-Ming Huan-Tang Lin Huanano Technology Corp Huang , Min-Sheng Huang Andrew Hsiang HUANG CHANG Shu-Lin Huang Chang-Yi Huang Chao Ping HUANG Che-Tung Huang Chen, Chiu-Lien HUANG Chen, Hsio Lan HUANG CHEN, Hsueh Chin HUANG CHEN, HSUEH-CHIN Huang Chen, Jui-Chu Huang Chen, Ling-Chiu Huang Chen, Man-Nu Huang Chen-Jung Huang Cheng Wang HUANG Cheng-Tsung Huang Chi-Cheng HUANG CHI-HUNG Huang Chi-Shih HUANG Chi-Yu 黃治玉 HUANG Chia-Hui HUANG Chia-Hui Jeny HUANG Chia-Pin HUANG Chien Chih HUANG CHIEN, SHU-CHEN Huang Chien-Hsing Huang Chien-Ming HUANG Chih-Fen HUANG Chih-Hung, James HUANG Chih-Yang Huang Chih-Yao HUANG Chin-Tsai Huang Ching-Chang Huang Ching-Ling HUANG Ching-Piao Huang Chiu-Yuan Huang Chiung-Yin Huang Chu, Li-pi Huang Chun – Fa HUANG Chun-Chieh HUANG CHUN-CHUN HUANG CHUN-JUNG Huang Chung-Hsiao Huang Chyi Mei-Song HUANG FANG-YU HUANG Guan-Tze HUANG HAI YUN Huang Han Ting Huang Han-Chen HUANG Han-Chou Huang Hieng Hsiung Huang Hsiao-Ba HUANG Hsien-Wu 黃獻戍 HUANG HSIN-CHIEH HUANG Hsin-Fu HUANG Hsin-Yuan HUANG Hsu-Hung Huang Hsueh-Lun Huang Hui-Chi HUANG Hui-Ching HUANG Hui-Min HUANG Hung Chung Huang Hung Tai HUANG Hung-Chun HUANG Hung-Yen 黃虹燕 HUANG I Han 黃奕漢 HUANG I-An Huang Jau Nan HUANG Jen-Chung Huang Jen-Hon Huang Jen-Te Huang Jing Ming Huang Jui-Lung Huang Jung-Fa Huang Kai-Ling HUANG Kai-Sheng Huang Kan, Shu-Chiao Huang King-Chung Huang King-Sheng Huang King-Tai HUANG Kuang-Leii HUANG Kuang-Ta HUANG Kun-Sheng Huang Kung-Wen HUANG KUO Ming-Tsu HUANG KUO, CHING-YU Huang Kuo, Su-Hsiang HUANG Kuo-Ming HUANG Kuo-Yao HUANG LEE Yen HUANG LEE, KUEI-HSIANG Huang Lee, Wang-Shih Huang Lee, Yau-May HUANG Li-Chen Huang Lily Ming-Lee Huang Lin Yuen-Chin HUANG LIN, CHING-CHIN Huang Lin, Kuei-Ying HUANG LIN, PI-CHEN HUANG Lin-Wei Huang Ling, Shwu-Ming Huang Lingying HUANG Lio-Hsun Huang Liu, Chung-Yuan Huang Liu, Chung-Yuan Huang Liu, Hsiu-Li HUANG LIU, Tsun-Yin HUANG Mao-Sung HUANG Mei-Fang HUANG Mei-Fang as Guardian HUANG Mei-Fang as Guardian to hold shares for HSIEH, Szu Wei HUANG MEI-HUI HUANG MEI-HUI, HUANG KUO-CHIN and HUANG KUO-YANG HUANG Mei-Yu (黃美玉) Huang Mei-Yueh HUANG Ming-Ju HUANG MING-YU Huang Pao-Mei HUANG Paul Chao Chia HUANG PEI-YU HUANG Peng-Yu HUANG Pi-Yu HUANG PI-YU Huang Pin-Chia Huang Ping-Hsun Huang Po-Jen Huang Sheng Harn Beatrice HUANG Sheng-Hsiang 黃聖翔 HUANG Shiang-Chung Huang Shih-Chun HUANG Shih-Hao Huang Shih-Ya Huang Shou-Po HUANG SHU HUANG Shu-Fen Huang Shu-Hui HUANG Shu-Kuei HUANG Shu-Ling Huang Su, Mei Huang Su-Fang Huang Su-Lin Huang Ting-Chin @ Selena Huang Huang Tsai Yu-Hsueh Huang Tsai, Ai-Chen Huang Tsai, Ai-Chen Huang Tsan-Ming Huang Tsao, Hui-Ming HUANG Tseng-Tsai 黃增財 HUANG Tsong-Liang Huang Tsong-Liang Huang Tsung-Jen HUANG Tzu-Liang (also known as James HWANG) Huang Walter Huang Wang-Kao HUANG Wei-Feng HUANG Wei-Jyh 黃維智 HUANG Wen Long HUANG Wen-Hung Huang Wen-Hung (Morris) HUANG Wen-Shiung, Wesley Huang Wu-Hsiung Huang Ya-Ching Huang Ya-Lien HUANG Ya-Lun Huang Yang, Hui-Fang Huang Yao, Hsi-Hua HUANG Yao-Tang Huang Yeh, Pao-Feng HUANG YEN-YU HUANG Yi-Chi Huang Yi-Ping Huang Yih, Norman Huang Yih-Chin Huang Ying Chieh HUANG Ying Chung Huang Yong Huang Yu -Liana and Liu Ching @ Huang Ching Huang Yu Ting Huang Yu, Fu-Mei Huang Yu-Chiang Huang Yu-Ching HUANG Yu-Chung Huang Yu-Fan (minor) Huang Yu-Ping (minor) HUANG Yu-Yuan Huang Yun Ling Huang Yung-Ming HUANG, AN-CHI Huang, An-Chun HUANG, AN-JYE Huang, Andy Roland Huang, Annie Huang, Carol Huang, Chan-Fa @ Thomas Huang Huang, Chang-Piao HUANG, CHAO-CHEN Huang, Chao-Ching HUANG, CHAO-CHUN HUANG, CHAO-FU HUANG, CHAO-HSIANG Huang, Chao-Huang Huang, Chao-Hui Huang, Chao-Jan Huang, Chao-Juei Huang, Chao-Li HUANG, CHAO-TI HUANG, CHAO-YUNG Huang, Che-Min Huang, Chen-Hsiang Huang, Chen-Lun HUANG, CHEN-LUNG HUANG, CHEN-SHENG Huang, Chen-Wen Huang, Chen-Yuan HUANG, CHEN-YUAN @ JAMES HUANG HUANG, CHENG-CHI Huang, Cheng-Chi Huang, Cheng-Chich Huang, Cheng-Ching HUANG, CHENG-CHUNG Huang, Cheng-Fu HUANG, CHENG-HSUAN Huang, Cheng-Kai Huang, Cheng-Sheng HUANG, CHENG-SHENG Huang, Cheng-Shun Huang, Cheng-Wang HUANG, CHENG-YI HUANG, CHENG-YU HUANG, CHENG-YUNG Huang, Cherie HUANG, CHI-CHENG HUANG, CHI-CHOU Huang, Chi-Chuan Huang, Chi-Feng Huang, Chi-Hsiu HUANG, CHI-HUNG @ JAMES HUANG, CHI-HUNG HUANG, CHI-KUAN HUANG, Chi-Lun HUANG, CHI-MING HUANG, CHI-SHAN Huang, Chi-Wen HUANG, CHIA-FENG Huang, Chia-Lin Huang, Chia-Ming Huang, Chia-Yu Huang, Chia-Yun Huang, Chiao-Chun Huang, Chiao-I Huang, Chiao-Sheng Huang, Chien Yu Huang, Chien-Chiu Huang, Chien-Fong Huang, Chien-Ling Huang, Chien-Min Huang, Chien-Ming Huang, Chien-Tang HUANG, CHIEN-TEH HUANG, CHIEN-WEN HUANG, CHIH-AN Huang, Chih-Chien HUANG, CHIH-FANG HUANG, CHIH-HAO Huang, Chih-Hao Huang, Chih-Ho HUANG, CHIH-HSIEN Huang, Chih-Hsien HUANG, CHIH-HUNG Huang, Chih-Kai Huang, Chih-Liang Huang, Chih-Liang Huang, Chih-Lin Huang, Chih-Ming Huang, Chih-Ping Huang, Chih-Ting HUANG, CHIH-YUAN Huang, Chin HUANG, CHIN FU Huang, Chin-Fu Huang, Chin-Hsu Huang, Chin-Ju Huang, Chin-Shih HUANG, CHIN-TE HUANG, CHIN-TIEN HUANG, Chin-Wei Huang, Chin-Yu Huang, Chin-Yu HUANG, CHIN-YUEH HUANG, CHING HSIANG HUANG, CHING-CHAO 黃沁超 HUANG, CHING-CHAO 黃沁超 Huang, Ching-Chi Huang, Ching-Chi Huang, Ching-Chin Huang, Ching-Ching @ Emily Huang Huang, Ching-Chu Huang, Ching-Chuang Huang, Ching-Fu Huang, Ching-Hsiang Huang, Ching-Hsiang HUANG, CHING-HSIANG @ SIMON HWANG HUANG, CHING-HSIEN Huang, Ching-Jung HUANG, CHING-MEI Huang, Ching-Min HUANG, CHING-PO HUANG, CHING-SHAN HUANG, CHING-WEI HUANG, CHING-YA HUANG, CHING-YUAN @ JANNET HUANG Huang, Chiu-Chen Huang, Chiu-Chiang Huang, Chiu-Chiang @ Peter Huang Huang, Chiu-Chiang @ Peter Huang Huang, Chiu-Lin Huang, Chiung-Yi HUANG, CHONG-HENG Huang, Chong-Jen Huang, Chou-Chye Huang, Christine HUANG, CHU-SHUN Huang, Chuan-Man Huang, Chuan-Yi Huang, Chuang Fang-Jung Huang, Chun-Cheng HUANG, CHUN-CHIEH HUANG, CHUN-HSUEH Huang, Chun-Ming Huang, Chun-Mu HUANG, CHUN-SE HUANG, CHUN-SHIUNG Huang, Chun-Tien HUANG, CHUN-YI HUANG, CHUNG-HSIN HUANG, CHUNG-JEN Huang, Chung-Ming HUANG, CHUNG-SHUN Huang, Chung-Te Huang, Chung-Yu Huang, Der-En Huang, Dien-Chi Huang, Fan-Jung HUANG, FANG-MING Huang, Fang-Yu HUANG, FEI-SUNG HUANG, FENG-CHU Huang, Feng-Chyan Huang, Feng-Lung Huang, Feng-Sheng Huang, Fu-Miao Huang, Guan-Hua HUANG, Heng-Chia Huang, Hieng-Hsiung HUANG, Ho-Ching HUANG, Ho-Chou HUANG, HO-CHUN HUANG, Ho-Ton HUANG, Hong-Chi Huang, Hong-Dar HUANG, HONG-DAR Huang, Hou-Ming Huang, Hsiang-Chuan HUANG, Hsiang-Ju Huang, Hsiao-Chen Huang, Hsien-Hua Huang, Hsien-Nan HUANG, HSIEN-WU Huang, Hsin-Chun Huang, Hsin-Jung HUANG, HSIN-MAO HUANG, HSIN-MAO HUANG, HSIN-TANG HUANG, HSIN-YU HUANG, HSING-JOU HUANG, HSIU-FEN HUANG, Hsiu-Hsia Huang, Hsiu-Hsia HUANG, HSIU-MEI Huang, Hsu-Hui Huang, Hsu-Hung Huang, Hsueh-Chang Huang, Hua-Der HUANG, HUAN-NENG HUANG, Huan-Yuan HUANG, HUI-CHEN HUANG, Hui-Chiu Huang, Hui-Chu HUANG, 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Huang, Li-Hua Huang, Li-Hung @ Hwang, Lih-Hwong Huang, Li-Jung Huang, Li-Lin HUANG, LI-NA Huang, Li-Ping Huang, Li-Sui Huang, Li-Ta HUANG, LI-TZEN HUANG, LI-WEN HUANG, LI-WEN HUANG, LI-YING Huang, Li-Ying HUANG, LIANG-JEN Huang, Liao Yu-Chih Huang, Liao Yu-Chih HUANG, LIEN TSUNG Huang, Lien-Huang HUANG, LIH-MING HUANG, LIN YEN-CHU HUANG, LING-LING Huang, Lingying HUANG, LO-TSAI HUANG, MAN Huang, Mao-Hsiung Huang, Mao-Te Huang, Mei-Chin Huang, Mei-Chu Huang, Mei-Fang Huang, Mei-Fen HUANG, MEI-HUI HUANG, MEI-LIAN Huang, Mei-O HUANG, MEI-RONG HUANG, MEI-SHU HUANG, MEI-YEN HUANG, MEI-YU HUANG, MEI-YUEH HUANG, MEI-YUN Huang, Meng-Kai HUANG, MENG-YIH HUANG, MIAO-CHEN HUANG, MIEN-SHA HUANG, MIN-CHE HUANG, MIN-HO @ ANDREW HUANG Huang, Min-Ta Huang, Ming-Bin Huang, Ming-Cheng Huang, Ming-Chih Huang, Ming-Chung HUANG, MING-DER Huang, Ming-Gin Huang, Ming-Han Huang, Ming-Hsin HUANG, MING-HUEI Huang, Ming-Kun HUANG, MING-SHANG Huang, Ming-Shying Huang, Ming-Tai HUANG, MING-TSANG Huang, Ming-Yang 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HUANG, SHUANG-FENG HUANG, SHUANG-KUAN Huang, Shui-Fa HUANG, SHUI-HSIANG Huang, Shui-Wen Huang, Shui-Yung Huang, Shun-Nan Huang, Shun-Nan @ Daniel Huang HUANG, SHUN-TSAI HUANG, SHUNG-SHIANG HUANG, Su-Chen Huang, Su-Chih HUANG, SU-CHU HUANG, SU-CHU; LEE, CHUN-HSIN & LEE, YI-CHUN Huang, Su-I Daniel Huang, Su-Man HUANG, SU-YING Huang, Su-Yu Huang, Szu-Chang Huang, Szu-Pin Huang, Ta-Chung Huang, Ta-Hsiang Huang, Ta-Lun HUANG, TAI-HSIANG Huang, Tai-Long HUANG, TANG-CHIEH Huang, Te-Hsien HUANG, TE-HSIU Huang, Te-I HUANG, TE-JUN Huang, Teng-Chuan HUANG, TENG-HUI Huang, Teng-Lu HUANG, TENG-LU HUANG, TENG-YING Huang, Tien-Chung Huang, Tien-Fa HUANG, TIEN-FU Huang, Tien-Tai Huang, Tien-Zan Huang, Ting-Chang Huang, Ting-Jung HUANG, TING-YUN Huang, Tsai-Chiu Huang, Tsan-Chu HUANG, TSE-FENG Huang, Tseng-Yang Huang, Tsong-Liang HUANG, TSU-HSIEN Huang, Tsuan-Chieh Huang, Tsung-Hsiao Huang, Tsung-Jen Huang, Tsung-Jen HUANG, TSUNG-YI Huang, TZU-CHI Huang, Tzu-Ching Huang, Tzu-Wei Huang, Tzu-Ya Huang, 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Innovation Global Limited In Pro Technologies Corp. – Authorised Rep: Tzeng, Jong-Long Lieu, Ching-I Life-Shield Products, Inc. LII San Rong LII, HUEY-WEN Lilia Wang Liliane Chou Liliane Chou Lily Sze-Fen Wong LILY WENG LIM SOU LEONG Lim, Han-Ton lim, wan Lim, Ying-Tzu Lin , Chin-Tsun Lin Bang-Yen LIN Bang-Yen LIN Bang-Yen LIN BI-LIEN Lin Chang Chi LIN CHANG Min-Ling Lin Chang, Min-Chu LIN CHANG, SHU-E Lin Chang, Su-Wen Lin Chao Shing LIN CHEN Kuei-Fen LIN CHEN Li Chen Lin Chen, Mei-Hsueh Lin Chen, Po-Ching Lin Chen, Su-Hsia Lin Chen, Su-Hwa Lin Chen, Su-Yeh Lin Chen-Hua Lin Cheng Lin Cheng Lin Cheng Hsun Lin Cheng Shan-Shan Lin Cheng Wen LIN CHENG, MIN-LING Lin Cheng, Min-Long LIN CHENG, SU-JEN @ JENNY CHENG LIN Cheng-Kun LIN Cheng-Nan LIN Cheng-Teh Lin Cheng-Yuan (Also known as Richard Lin) lin chi mi LIN Chi-Sheng 林啓生 Lin Chia-An LIN Chia-Han Lin Chia-Hui LIN Chia-Yang LIN Chia-Yu Lin Chia-Yu, Jacky Lin Chiang Chun-Man LIN CHIANG Hsiu-Ho LIN Chiao-Chih LIN CHIEH HSIN LIN CHIEH PING LIN CHIEH-HSIN Lin Chien-Chen LIN CHIEN-FANG LIN Chien-Hung LIN Chih-Cheng LIN Chih-Cheng 林誌誠 LIN Chih-Hao LIN Chih-Hao Lin Chih-Lung LIN CHIH-PING Lin Chih-Sheng LIN Chih-Wen Lin Chih-Yang Lin Chin Fu Lin Chin-Cheng LIN Chin-I Lin Chin-Ti LIN Chin-Yuan LIN Ching Chin 林靜津 Lin Ching Lung Lin Ching-Chang LIN Ching-Chin Lin Ching-Ching Lin Ching-Hui Lin Ching-Ming Lin Ching-Po LIN Ching-Yun LIN CHIU, PI-LIEN LIN Chiu-Chong LIN Chiu-Hsiang 林秋香 LIN Chiu-Li LIN Chiung-Yin LIN CHOU Hsiu-Mei 林周秀美 Lin Chou, Shui-May Lin Chu Hsiung Lin Chun Hsiung Lin Chun Mei LIN Chun-Ming LIN Chun-Tsai 林俊材 Lin Chung-Liang Lin Chung-Ping Lin Chung-Wen LIN Feng-Hsin LIN Fong-Min LIN Fu-Mei l IN Fu-Tung LIN Hong-Bin / CHIU Yi-Cheng LIN HONG-YANG LIN Hong-Yang Lin Horn Tzer Lin Hsiao, Mei-Jung Lin Hsiao-Ling Lin Hsieh Su-Man LIN Hsin-Hon Lin Hsin-Lee LIN Hsin-Ping Lin Hsin-Yi LIN Hsing-Hseng (Also known as David LIN) Lin Hsing-Yuan LIN Hsiu- Fen LIN HSU Mei-Yu Lin Hsu Shu-Chen Lin Hsu, Kuel-O LIN HSU, MEI-HSIANG Lin Hsu, Shu-Chen Lin Hsu, Shu-Chen Lin Hu, Chen-An LIN HUANG Chi-Yin Lin Huang, Ming-Chin Lin Huang, Pi-Yun LIN HUANG, SU-CHEN Lin Hui Fu LIN Hui-Chang Lin Hui-Chuan LIN Hui-Ling Lin Hung, Su-Chen Lin Hung-Chang LIN I CHING Lin I-En Lin Jen-Che LIN Jen-Cheng LIN Jen-Chieh LIN Jen-Chieh LIN JEN-TSUNG LIN Jing-Yuan LIN Joung-Yol Lin Juh Huei Lin Jui-Chang Lin Jui-Hsin LIN Jui-Tang Lin Jung Tai Lin Jung-Kang LIN Jung-Tai 林榮泰 Lin Keng-shen Lin Ko Kady LIN Kuan-Jen 林寬仁 LIN Kuang-Hui Lin Kun-Cheng LIN Kun-Yu LIN KUO, WEN-YEN LIN Kuo-Liang LIN LAN Shu-Mei LIN LAN Shu-Mei Lin Lan, Pi-Chu Lin Lee Lin Lee, Bi-Jen LIN LEE, WEN-I Lin Li Jen Lin Li-Chen Lin Li-Chin Lin Li-Fen Lin Li-Hsiang Lin Li-Jen LIN Li-Min LIN Li-Yun Lin Liang, Shun-Nu LIN LIAO, SU-LI Lin Ling-man LIN LING-YU Lin Lo, Tsai Lin Long-Su Lin Lu Chiu-Chu Lin Lu Huang Lin Lu, Mei Lin Luzi Lin Mai-Sheng LIN Mao-Kuei Lin Mao-Sen Lin Mao-Yuan Lin Mao-Yuan (Mr.) Lin Mau-Shen Lin Mei-Chu LIN Mei-Hui 林美惠 LIN Mei-Yin LIN Mei-Yu LIN Meng-Chang (A. Lin, Jui-Chang LIN, JUI-CHI Lin, Jui-Ching Lin, Jui-Hsin Lin, Jui-Ming Lin, Jui-Tung Lin, Jung-Cheng Lin, Jung-Fang LIN, JUNG-HSIANG LIN, JUNG-SHENG LIN, JUNG-WEI Lin, Jung-Yen Lin, Jung-Yuen LIN, JYH-HUANN Lin, Jyh-Ming Lin, Kai-Min Lin, Kai-Min LIN, KAN Lin, King-Chung Lin, Ko Shu-Hua Lin, Ko Shu-Hua Lin, Ku-Chun LIN, KU-YUAN LIN, KUAN-CHEN @ ROBIN LIN Lin, Kuan-Chen @ Robin Lin Lin, Kuan-Jung LIN, Kuan-Ming LIN, KUEI-CHU LIN, KUEI-CHU Lin, Kuei-Chuan Lin, Kuei-Chuan Lin, Kuei-Fang LIN, KUEI-FENG Lin, Kueng-Shyi Lin, Kun-Cheng Lin, Kun-Chin Lin, Kun-Hsien LIN, KUN-HUNG Lin, Kun-Long LIN, KUN-MING Lin, Kun-Si Lin, Kuo-Cheng LIN, KUO-CHUAN Lin, Kuo-Chun LIN, KUO-HSIUNG LIN, KUO-SHENG Lin, Kuo-Shou LIN, KUO-WEI LIN, KUO-YUNG 林國永 Lin, Kwan-Chiun LIN, LEE-FENG Lin, Lee-Ming LIN, LI (A. Mei-Li Wang Tseng Mei-Pin Yin Mei-Sheng Niu MEIKETSU NOZAWA Meister Wang MENG Chao-Ming MENG FAN WEN MENG Juo-Chun Meng Shu-Fen MENG Wen-Ling (aka Wendy MENG) Meng, Fan-Ju MENG, Wen-Ling AKA Wendy Meng Meng-Yu, Hsu Mengchi Chueh Mentor Consulting Corporation Merchant Run Inc. MERCURY VENTURE CAPITAL CO., LTD Merry Electronics Co., Ltd Merry Electronics Company Limited (Taichung) Merryson Corporation Meta Global Asset Management MGI Excellence & Co. Film premieres had always been a beauty battlebetween the femal... Source: Oriental Daily, Apple Daily Translated by: a Znangel @ Asian EUJuly 12, 2011 After 41 year old Benny Chan ended the 6 year underground relationship with Charmaine Sheh, in the recent years he developed in Mainland and got to know the barely 25 year old Hunan Model Lisa (Jiang Li Sha).Benny and Lisa dated for two years before deciding for marriage.At the time, she wanted to text thematch maker that she is very nervous,...March 25, 2011Credits: film HI, FIDELITY (CHOOK GWAI DIN NUI YUN) two nights ago held a premiere at the Convention Center.

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