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Most of the teachers were of British origin who came to India under the auspices of the Mission to teach.These were gradually replaced by local Indian teachers, primarily Parsis, followed by other Indian ethnicities.Queen Mary School has a history of producing students who consistently score high grades at the standard 10 board exams called the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education.Batch sizes approximate 90 students divided into two sections.The first new wing in the late 1950s was built along the railway line with a new assembly hall and stage. In the 1960s, ZBMM was changed to BMMF (Bible Medical Missionary Fellowship) and the number of foreign teachers decreased.

The student body came from a range of income levels as the school subsidized the fees for certain students.

Under that was worn a white button down blouse with short sleeves and a Peter Pan collar.

There were white laced canvas shoes and white socks.

The foreign teachers lived on the second floor of the main wing and their dining room was below that together with the principal's office.

There was a wide staircase leading to the main entrance.

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Science subjects included Higher Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

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