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The specimens were then dehydrated in graded alcohols and embedded in Epon 812, sectioned in a Reichert Ultracut ultramicrotome, stained with uranyl acetate and lead citrate, and examined in a JOEL 100 CX II electron microscope.

NCS was usually found in the endometrial epithelium during early secretory phase (specimen dating 16th, 18th and 19th of the cycle).

Endometrial tissue was obtained from corpus uteri of women of reproductive age with normal menstrual cycle, upon whom hysterectomy was performed for benign gynecological diseases not involving the endometrium. The remaining part was processed for electron microscopy by fixing in glutaraldehyde (2.5%) dissolved in a 0.

No NCS could be identified in specimens during proliferative phase and late secretory phase.

Then it can be discharged into the cytoplasm and disappears following the lysosomal digestion. However, since the tubules of NCS are open to the perinuclear space, which is known as a prolongation of r ER-cisternae, it remains doubtful, whether or not the m RNA molecules could pass through the membrane of r ER in order to reach the ribosomes covering the r ER.

Histochemical study has clearly shown that the electron dense granules surrounding NCS do contain RNA and proteins .

It was usually located within or associated with the nucleolus.

Sometimes, it was close to the nuclear envelope or protruding out from the nucleus.

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In general, there was one set of NCS in a nucleolus, yet 2 appearing within one nucleolus were not too rare (Fig 4,7).

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