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Positive interactions warrant more positive body language and vice versa.

Showing Interest: Closing the Banter Chapter Showing interest is a great conversational pivot from these banter examples to more serious conversation. For example, “Tell me three things about you I wouldn’t guess” or “So what’s your deal? They allow her to tell you whatever she feels most comfortable talking about.

If she does something like check her phone, turn away a little bit.

Next time you’re bantering with a woman at a bar or a club, try just playfully touching her on the shoulder and see where it goes.Approach facing her, then quickly pivot to her side.Talk a bit “over your shoulder.” As the conversation progresses, turn more of the front of your body toward her. How you begin an interaction will color the way the interaction unfolds.This means that it’s worth paying special attention to banter examples.

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Most of the time when I coach men on bantering they’re amazed at how easy it is. There are a few things you can do to make sure that you’re flirting while bantering and keep yourself out of the friend zone.

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