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“Hardly ever do I comment on a hot chick’s pic just cuz they are hot, cuz they literally don’t care,” he says. “Instagram is so ego-centric however you spin it, and no girl is ever going to really be like, ‘oh no, how dare he pat my ego.’ I just do it if a chick looks good. In fact, some guys even said that they’d only comment on a girl’s photo if they saw things getting serious between them or thought they had a chance.

But Greg, who recently graduated college and moved across the country, kind of YOLOS. Then again, there are always going to be guys who DGAF, like Greg.

“I wouldn’t date someone unless I was serious,” says Jarett.

We talked to real single dudes about their Instagram habits in attempts to make things more clear.

“I’m very selective with my likes,” says Andreas, 25.

He goes on to say that if he likes a girl’s Instagram pic, it’s likely a “dream girl” or a girl who’s “out of his league.” Justin, 24, also says that he uses most of his double-taps on girls.

“I usually I don’t comment on anyone’s IG unless we’re friends in real life,” he says. Have a good day.'” It’s kind of funny that guys think girls’ actions are just as ego-motivated as their own, but that’s another topic. If not then, hey, we might have a dope conversation or lead to something.” Basically, if a dude comments on your pic, there’s a good chance he means it.

“If a new girl I haven’t hooked up with posts a selfie and I comment a heart emoji or something,’ it gives away any advantage of spontaneity I might’ve had later on.” Adam, 23, figured commenting isn’t worth it because he’s just going to be another thirsty guy. Greg also argues that commenting could actually help him seal the deal, and calls the fact that most dudes refrain from commenting “untapped territory.” “If you only like [the picture] then you’re one of hundreds, but the chick only gets like, 10 or so comments,” he says, acknowledging that it sounds douchey. There’s also a good chance that he feels comfortable enough with you that he doesn’t mind looking like one of “those guys” who comments.

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A dude following you on Insta is similar to him Snapchat requesting you: you assume it means he wants to see more of you. “Generally, [I’ll follow a girl] if I think she’s hot and it appears on suggested friends,” says Jarett.

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