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She will be , the only part ive done alone is approach the guy to check if interested.Having said that as experienced swingers who have done just about everything there arent many surprises left!Its the same with me though because im never attracted to the females i play with but rather the kinky situation.So in answer to your question a surprise is def no issue for us, we have 100% trust and always choose play partners for each other The first time I flew abroad to visit an ex-boyfriend, I obviously had my phone off on the plane.he will then turn his phine off and i wont hear a thing until he calls me and tells me shes on her way home!I thought that as soon as she leaves and her phone is off he could then tell me its to late to change my mind etc and what hes going to do with her..Its looking like we will be meet M on Sunday, hes the hung guy shes fucked before in a MFM with me!

For example 2 years ago i told her we were having a surprise romantic meal out and instead we went for a surprise 4 guy GB and she loved it.The first time I flew abroad to visit an ex-boyfriend, I obviously had my phone off on the plane.He said that it was agonizing, and he was overcome with jealousy and doubt.When we’ve fantasised about her fucking alone we’ve talked about her leaving the house and turning her phone off and then me chatting to the guy until she arrives at his house.When she gets there he will open the door on video chat and the last ill see is her walking up his stairs infront of him while he fondles her ass up her skirt..

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