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Honestly, when you do over fifty of these you run out of ideas for intros. Actually, I hold the world record when I was testing week 2, but I didn't write it down and I didn't tell anybody. The most important thing is that got ourselves a new member! This month was April, and I think the biggest thing that happened was the release of Avengers Endgame. Though, I will say, I was pretty shocked when Burrito got the gauntlet from Gator and used it to turn everyone into living burrito people. Hope I don't get in trouble for revealing that. Let's get some speedrun strats going, we gotta make some world records. But that's not the most important thing that happened this month. Remember that CG I said Mei was working on for a while? Though I will tell you that it features the color green.For starters, Mei's been working on the next CG. It's not like you say that every single month or something. If you recall, Dray also turned in a 50 page scene recently. As per usual, we're still on the lookout for a musician, so if you're interested let us know (a pm to /u/blitzmckrieg is the best place to do so)! Reason being that Shadorable has been so caught up with school that they haven't really had the time to work on TDP as much as they would like.You guys know you're not getting paid by the wordcount, right? So, if you can make music and are interested in joining the team, hit me up (preferably on my main /u/blitzmckrieg account).The text should scroll roughly 7% faster so it will not feel as drawn out.The Lucario at the title screen has more of a look of confusion and in playing this game, I have become equally confused at what is even going on in this game at all.Unfortunately all the other ones include spoilers, so sucks to be you.Shadow, whose new nickname is Shadorable by the way, made a sketch for a new "Sad Air Theme", which we've been working on revising.

is a non-profit, fan-made visual novel that takes you into an alternate Pokémon world that doesn't send 10-year-olds off to fend for themselves. Nonetheless, we're super stoked to have her here! With that, I mean, I'd usually plug that we need musicians but now maybe I don't need to, huh? You know, usually I'm all like "yeeeah, summer is finally here! She's the CG's artist, get off our backs. I got all my editing done, and now there's a whole bunch of scenes that are nearly ready to go, we even finalized one the other day. Given our goal of "no more than 15 per route" that means a hearty amount of progress has been made. If you or anybody you know is interested, drop us a line. But hey, even if the festivities haven't started yet, let's have some fun anyway and look back at what we did this month. On the musical side of things, Shadorable made some neat drafts of some new theme music for ATV, which we've been working on. This actually happened immediately after the last update went live, so it feels like old news. Welcome to this "it's almost summer break" edition of our annual update! On the writing side, I feel like we made actually a good amount of progress. At this point, there are 11 Air scenes and 10 Katie scenes in various stages of development. Remember, we're on the lookout for musicians again. You know what's great about the last day of March? Which means I don't have to come up with some elaborate scheme for the update, therefore not fully doing my job, which is ideal for me cause I'm really lazy.Notably, Dray turned in a 50 page scene out of nowhere that I'm currently dreading having to edit. You know its downtime right now, since we're still a ways off from our Katie/Air update release hype.Things'll ramp back up sooner or later, they always do. Blitz here with your always on-time monthly update!

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