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There are many vulnerabilities within a Po S system - if a system is not properly protected, anyone with an inside knowledge of how the systems work can carry out a hack without much difficulty.

Hackers are becoming more skilled, therefore Po S systems that used to be seen as a challenge are not as daunting as before.

With electronic payments now outnumbering cash transactions, the Point-of-sale (Po S) system hack is becoming a more common in the world of cyber crime.

In recent years, there have been several high profile cases including the notorious million Subway Po S breach, where at least 150 franchises were targeted, as well as the breach of Barnes & Noble, where credit card readers in 63 stores were compromised.

The malware prompted the terminal to contact a rogue server and download the card skimming software.

The demonstration highlighted exactly how to cheat the pos system, showing just how vulnerable retailers can be - even the most stringent of physical security measures preventing devices from being tampered with may not be enough to prevent a Po S hack.

All they need to do is find an unsecured IP address or hack into a secure Wi-Fi connection if proper protections have not been put in place.Conoce millones de personas de todo el mundo, estés donde estés.Mantén una buena conversación, haz nuevos amigos o incluso encuentra el amor de tu vida.Almost all modern businesses now make use of an electronic Po S systems, and with the hacking of these devices on the increase, it is more important than ever to take appropriate steps to secure your customers’ data.In a recent high-profile Canadian case, a criminal carding ring stole Po S machines from several businesses and gained access to the credit card data via Bluetooth.

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