Postdating checks california law

Some of these include If you pass bad checks totaling nine hundred fifty dollars (0) or less, and you do not have certain prior convictions on your record, then you are guilty of a misdemeanor.

Writing the check in front of the payee would be another.

Most criminal violations of Penal Code 476a PC California's bad checks law are what we call "wobblers." A California wobbler is a charge that the prosecution may file as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on However, under the 2014 voter initiative known as "Proposition 47," if the amount of the bad check(s) that you were convicted of writing, passing or attempting to use is/was 0 or less, the offense is a straight misdemeanor, punishable by the misdemeanor penalty noted above.

This is the case so long as offer an alternative sentencing option for violations of California's bad checks law.

Known as "bad check diversion programs" or "bad check restitution programs," these programs provide an offender the opportunity to in exchange for a dismissal of the criminal charges.

If you do not fully reimburse the payee or successfully complete the intervention program, the prosecutor will likely reinstate the criminal proceedings.

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