Recovering addicts dating each other

In treatment we learn that preserving sobriety involves more than merely reshaping the habits of drug or chemical use, it also requires throwing away stereotypes and reshaping old attitudes that have been hammered in over the years.In treatment the addict learns to start taking care of his/her own needs.When we begin to neglect our responsibilities—work, family, friends—in search of personal pleasure, we then call this phenomenon an addiction.And, when someone comes to the end of the rope with addiction, they often recognize that the only way to undo the damage is to go into what we call sobriety, or recovery.The addict learns that their recovery depends upon addressing feelings and emotions.The individual in recovery must talk about things like sexual abuse, sexual gender roles and stereotypes.When an alcoholic or drug addict goes through recovery, it is possible that sex is at the core; however, it is one topic that often gets neglected.Much of recovery is spent addressing the relationships, which affected and were affected by the addiction, coming to terms with our addictions and understanding ourselves in relation to our higher spirit.

Ignoring needs and feelings are risk factors for addiction.

Most treatment programs do recognize that it takes two to repair a relationship strained by chemical abuse, and will incorporate the partner of the addict in the treatment process.

Though many addicts may feel like doing so in recovery, running away from sex is not realistic; it’s better to put sex in the context of feelings and factors that make up the whole person.

All of these are, indeed, important items on the road of recovery.

However, it is not every day that the role sex plays in an addiction is explored.

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Concentrate on building self-confidence and self-image, first, before building up a sex life.

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