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That night he proposed to me on the balcony overlooking the ocean.

That promise we made when we were 17 had been kept, and at 25 we were engaged!

Die sportliche Herkunft bietet dem Trger mehr Bewegungsfreiheit als klassische Hemden und die gro angelegten Prints oder Stickereien auf dem Rcken sind immer etwas frs Auge.

They had 'first look' photos taken and also stopped in at an Oreo pop-up store on their way to the ceremony, which was held in an old circus tent!

Their reception party was in a rockabilly club in the middle of Berlin where they had a live band playing so it was like a gig - they first met at a psychobilly concert in the bride's hometown of Munich, so this was a lovely nod to that.

Their ceremony was on a rooftop overlooking the Okanagan Lake.

“We met when were were 13 and aged 17 we agreed that if we weren’t married to other people by 25 we’d marry each other! “Life took us on separate paths for a while, but we reconnected and actually started dating when we were 23.

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