Season 3 of dating rules from my future self

Simon is determined to get rid of the Mark of Cain and, with Isabelle’s help, tries to track down New York’s oldest vampire to get more information on the mark.

Now in Paris, Clary desperately tries to find an escape from her current situation.

Luke and Simon team up to track Lilith's latest possible victim. Magnus, Alec and Isabelle try to reach Jace inside The Owl, but even as powerful as Magnus is, can he help the Lightwoods retrieve their brother from his demon prison?

Maia and Jordan join Simon on the hunt for Lilith, while Luke tries to find a way to get to Clary.

Simon tries to figure out what the Seelie Queen did to him during his time in the glade.Alec pushes Jace to come clean about whatever Jace and Clary are hiding.Meanwhile, Lilith sets a plan in motion in New York City as Simon spends time in the Seelie Court.Meanwhile, Clary turns to Luke to find a way to help Jace.Alec worries about the future of his relationship after learning more about Magnus' romantic past.

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But going up against their biggest opponent yet, their odds are not looking good.

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