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The dynamics at night clubs in Tirana is confusing.Everyone is sitting down in groups with their social circle.You need to act like everything between you is one big secret. When you approach her, make sure no one from her relatives or family sees you, or else she will reject you just because of that.

And how do Albanian girls fight with strict parents and society? Well, some of them only do anal until they get married and some of them lie.

Young Albanians are under the big influence of their parents and tradition.

That being the case, there are a lot of virgins in Albania.

At first, Albanian girls rejected me and I thought it was because they don’t like foreigners until I started to treat everything as some secret that no one should know about.

This change in my approach jumped my success rate through the roof. Most foreigners try to use Tinder and then say how the Albanian dating scene is very bad.

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