Sex chat prank

However, this is exactly what happens in these videos.

What are the chances of bumping into Pew Die Pie on Omegle?

An ever-smiling terror from the depths of your deepest fears, Smiley has two large slits covered in blood where his eyes should be and a smile that never fades.

His creepy glare freak out the people he meets and even makes one strangers scream so loud that she falls off her chair.

Who is the celebrity every girl on this planet dreams of running into? Watch this hilarious video as people think they are actually connected with the pop star and become instantly star struck!

You can watch reactions including a girl who refuses to believe it is not really Justin Bieber even after the prankster reveals himself.

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Prank videos are recordings of people playing tricks on unsuspecting victims and the most popular ones on You Tube right now are Omegle videos.

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