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“My hope is that we’re leading in this area, and maybe others will follow with, maybe not the exact same policy, but one that fits their particular institutions.”Any prospective student-athlete -- whether a transfer student, incoming freshman, or other status -- who has been convicted of or pled guilty or no contest to a felony involving sexual violence (as defined below), or has been found responsible for sexual violence by a formal institutional disciplinary action at any previous collegiate or secondary school (excluding limited discipline applied by a sports team or temporary disciplinary action during an investigation) shall not be eligible for athletically-related financial aid, practice or competition at Indiana University.

Indiana University Athletics shall conduct an appropriate inquiry into every prospective student-athlete’s background consistent with the due diligence below prior to providing him/her athletically-related aid or allowing him/her to practice or compete.

For purposes of this provision, “sexual violence” is dating violence, domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, or sexual violence as defined by the Indiana University Policy on Sexual Misconduct (UA-03).

This change, Glass said, strengthens his department’s position further.“I think it’s new ground,” Glass said.Located in northeastern Indiana, Fort Wayne originally started as a military outpost in the American Revolutionary War.General Anthony Wayne commissioned the fort’s establishment on the frontier in 1794, and it was later named in his honor.Thus far, the Big Ten has elected to leave such decisions up to individual institutions, and Glass has stayed on the front foot in the area.At various points in 20 — and pointing to ongoing issues at other institutions, including Baylor — he distributed detailed memorandums and instructions to his entire department spelling out his expectations in any such situation.

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