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Of those, 28.3% of the women (about 4.6 million) and 35% of the men (about 4.7 million) are married.

Furthermore, I think it's very unfair to ask that a mate be "good" by meeting qualifications that we don't meet ourselves.

She gets up and says to Nikaidou"You see I was walking down the street to school and some girl grabs my hand and starts running. I'm running and listening to her thinking shes crazy! Uh so we're still running and I'm yelling why me!

Yeah, when I was little I would watch him read and play his games."Amu says"I get the manga part but what kind of butler plays uncensored games with a little girl.

One night she prays to her "Guardian Spirits" for the strength to be more honest to herself, and is shocked when her prayers are answered by three magical eggs.

She discovers that her multiple Guardian Characters make her The Chosen One, able to transform into a Magical Girl with three different forms, one for each Guardian Character she has.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction 14 year old Tsukiyomi Reina came back from America 2 months ago. "Nikaidou knew she was lying and says"Oh I see, so I'm guessing you were up all night gaming it up. "Tadase and I say awkwardly"Reina-chan."Time skips Reina POV At the guardians meeting everyone was working hard. "I fixing my hair "I was up all night playing this new dating sim my butler got me and my girlfriend and I got married."Amu says"Aren't those game like 18 and older? "I nod"In that game I play a male character."She says"Does your wife know?

She had to relearn Japanese so she has an American accent thus is always mistaken as a foreigner. "I say"Yeah because in real life my wife is actually a guy."Amu laughs awkwardly.

received its own anime adaptation that began in fall of 2007, and is available on Crunchyroll.

In addition to its success, it was also adapted into a musical in 2009.

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Amu Hinamori is a middle-school kid whose cool and cynical exterior has made her one of the most popular (and unapproachable) girls in school.

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