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This min Runtime Version parameter lets you say which version you need.If the installed version is older, the on Error handler will be invoked.The type attribute contains a MIME type identifying this as a Silverlight element. You can use it to host embedded images, or HTML, as well as plug-in-based content, such as Silverlight, or Flash.This is how the browser knows what sort of embedded content we are using. If the Silverlight plug-in is installed, this will load it.Besides templates, it is also common to want to do this for graphical resources, such as brushes and shapes.If you have a particular color scheme in use in your application, you might define the colors and brushes for that scheme as resources.

After the param tags, comes the fallback HTML content to be used if Silverlight is not installed.As you saw, we used param tags in the object tag to point to the content.There are other parameters we can pass in to control features such as the user interface to be shown while the content is downloaded, the Java Script code to run in the event of an error, and fallback content to be shown if Silverlight is not installed.Notice the two URLs to the, a hyperlink, and an image.The image link resolves to a bitmap with some Silverlight branding, and some text offering to install Silverlight.

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It may serve back the Silverlight Install executable, or if the user is on an unsupported platform, it will direct the browser to a page containing information about Silverlight.

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