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The first famous painter of this school is Zhou Leyuan that painted from 1880-1881 onwards. He paints in the Chinese traditional style and his calligraphies are natural and typical.Afterwards, numerous painters copied him and signed from his name but the quality never equaled his skill and his way of writing.Some scholars, seals carvers became inside snuff bottles painters.We think that these artists could paint themselves for ten to fifteen years maximum and managed afterwards a workshop.

Indeed, we can read in the auction catalogue of the Bertin sale found by Clément Blanc et Laurence Blanc Werlé that Louis the sixteenth minister that collected Asian art, owned an inside painted cristal bottle.

The famous Ye Benqi continued his work and in the 1970’, Ye Zhongsan granddaughter, Ye Shuyin, one of the first woman inside painter, who worked during the Cultural Revolution.

Yan Yutian is another Zhou Leyuan pupil and his works are not expansive in comparison with his great skill. A few bottles are dated 1888 and signed Zhou Leyuan in tribute to his master, but with Yan Yutian seal. Ma Shaoxuan (1867-1939) begins to paint from 1892 onwards and became painter of the Imperial court from 1904.

He represented the great political and military figures. We can often see on his bottles the subject on one side and calligraphies from ancient texts on the other side.

In the second part of his career, Ma Shaoxuan probably founded a workshop with which he painted until 1932.

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From the 1990’/2000’, a new school was born with very talented painters that have important skill.

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