Soon too soon start dating after divorce

You run the risk of carrying them – still unresolved – into a new relationship. If your new relationship doesn't work out, you may suffer double the angst when it ends; you're still grieving over your ex, and now you've got a second broken heart, as well.You might forget all the bad feelings associated with your marriage as you're happily pursuing a new relationship, but they'll still be there waiting for you when and if the new friendship ends – and rebound relationships often do.You may be treating it as a replacement for what you lost – before you've dealt with the loss.By the same token, if you're just looking for a little companionship while you get over the hump of healing, having a new friend can be a great thing.

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By the same token, if you’re the one who ended your marriage, you may not need all this time.

You may have acknowledged that your marriage was over long before it actually ended.

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It depends on the type of date and your ultimate goal. If your ex is going to be a major topic, you’re not ready.

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