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She smiled, grasped his hand, and pushed it up under her dress. There was a small kitchen area, a living room, and two bedrooms. She danced around the room slowly, swaying, moving closer to him, finally straddling his chest, her legs on either side of him on the bed. She pouted, but agreed, snuggling into bed next to him. The next morning, Jack left Heidi sprawled on the bed. They made plans, and Jack left, eager to get back to the hotel. She was beautiful, dressed in a red Chinese silk dress, tight, a high neck that buttoned at the throat in Asian style; capped sleeves across the top of her shoulders, bare arms. The silk was so fine that, with the least encouragement, her nipples would protrude, popping against the fabric, and others would see. For the past two years, his territory had increased, and so had his sales. She was nearing her second birthday since they'd known each other. They settled in for the night, Heidi stripping slowly in front of Jack. He made his way to the Marsdale plant, going over his sales pitch in his head. Russ Overmeyer and Delancey Smith were old acquaintances. Tiny buttons down the front of the dress, which went nearly to her ankles; slits along the sides to above each knee. They went off to a restaurant, sitting at the back in a corner booth, the soft glow of candles lighting their faces and the table. He'd met Heidi online two years ago in a chat room. Jack wished he'd had a principle like Heidi when he'd been growing up. "I might not get back this way for a while, kiddo," he'd said. She spread her legs on each side of his, and he pulled his own apart, widening hers. One hand cupped a breast, the thumb playing with the ring; the other hand dipped down, gripping her clit firmly. "She's ready." "She's always ready," corrected Jack. He moved his hand around, his fingers together and pointing down, pressing slightly against her crotch. "I want some of this." She sat on his lap, her back towards him, then brought up her arms and crossed them behind Russ' head. He was still blushing, but his hand was on his crotch. He finally pushed a couple of fingers inside her, and she whimpered.

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