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To save face, she accepts an offer from her contractor, who secretly has a crush on her, to step in as groom and marry her.

When Mira's April Fool's Day tricks materialize, she finds herself promoted to the perfect job, dating the perfect man and living in the perfect home.

His brief time helping a gang basically represented the culmination of Terry's criminal activity, and he kept to the straight and narrow (more or less) after this incident.

However, in a later comic, he would go undercover as a Jokerz gang member to complete a dangerous mission.

At the same time, it it was hard not to feel as if the Batman that we had come to know and love from that show was being cast aside in favor of this younger model.

The short story is that it rewrote his DNA and passed what was effectively Bruce's genes on to Terry.From his criminal roots to the secrets of his batsuit to his bizarre interdimensional adventures, there is a side to this young hero you've likely never seen.If you want to peek at this hidden part of Terry, you don't have to hack the Batcomputer.Charlie and Terry grew up as violent and angry kids, and Charlie eventually dragged Terry into some gang activity that was very short-lived.One day, Charlie convinced Terry to go along on a heist for a gang Charlie was in.

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