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What you want to do is to get her to re-live that experience vividly in his mind so that she feels happy at this particular moment.(This is the TOP of the emotional roller coaster.) When this is done, then ask her (again, you can use this word-for-word): as possible.Such guys, intentionally or unintentionally are using fractionation seduction.Fractionation seduction is a seduction technique used by men that has evolved over the years.Whenever you want to use Fractionation to seduce women, just go through the steps and checklists inside this document and you’ll be ready to go. Here’s where to get the Action Checklist for free: o put it simply, Fractionation is a Mind Control hypnosis technique which puts a woman under your control and dominance.I’ll tell you how you can use Fractionation on women next, but first, I want you to do this quick mental exercise with me.I know this sounds too good to be true, and I really don’t blame you for being a little skeptical…

Here’s the good news: This guide today will eliminate those myths and untruths so that you can finally see the real deal about what really works when it comes to making women fall in love with you.

Picture in your mind (as clearly as you can) that woman that you want to seduce.

Imagine her as if she’s right in front of you right now, smiling sweetly. Next imagine her on her knees, looking at you and yearning for your affection and approval.

She’s totally head over heels in love with you, and will do anything (yes, anything) to make you love her back.

Now what if I tell you that this may well come true in a week or two from now?

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