Updating bios in gigabyte ga 970a d3

Unless things have changed dramatically tapping the DEL key repeatedly as soon as you power up should get you to the setup screen.

Has worked with every gigabyte board I've used previously.

The old chestnut about reading the manual might also shed some light on the matter.

When you get into cmos/bios setup there may be an option to display the posting screen instead of the motherboard logo (if that's what you're getting) and/or a setting to extend the time the bios key options are displayed so in the future you won't wonder which keys do what.

As for clearing CMOS it seems like a risky process I'm going to ask someone who is more expert than me to do it.

_____K OKThe part where I added the "_______" contains a number that increases all the way to 4080K, and then the computer reboots and completely restarts this process.

On the other hand, a re-flash of the system might also turn it into a paperweight, as there is a possibility of a bad BIOS chip. I'm going to contact Gigabyte support on Monday before I potentially void my warranty by re-flashing the BIOS.

I found an option to change the amount of Internal Graphics Memory, it was set on 64MB (I'm using the onboard graphics card) I didn't know that the dedicated video memory could be changed so I changed it to 1024 MB (Yes, I know it's stupid now but didn't know then).

The problem is: I have only 2GB of RAM and now it's 1GB due to the increase in the graphics card video ram and I can't reenter the BIOS to readjust it.

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I just got a new Gigabyte H61M-S2P motherboard and found that when the computer starts there is no POST screen that tells me how to enter BIOS and all. But it all happened today, I left my computer on and went to do something and when I came back I found a message saying there is no storage device and when I pressed OK it went to the BIOS menu by itself.

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