Updating garmin 200 nuvi maps

Here is what we think of the Nuvi 200, and where it fits into the bigger picture of auto GPS devices.

The Nuvi 200 is almost the exact same size as the Nuvi 300 series.

The Garmin Nuvi 200 series has started to hit store shelves, and we’ve finally put enough miles on our Nuvi 200 to produce a comprehensive review.

I’m not really sure why a hold button is necessary on this device unless they have it in mind for the pedestrian mode.

Perhaps they will use this on future Nuvi models which include an MP3 player (The Nuvi 200 does not include an MP3 player).

The SD card slot has moved from the right side to the left side.

If I had a choice I would prefer it on the right since sometimes I place the GPS up against the left side of the dash, but without an MP3 player it isn’t likely you would use the SD card slot all that much anyway, so no big deal.

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The map updates are available in either a hard copy disc format or as an online download.

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