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You’ll notice on your screen in the taskbar at the bottom, a blue icon appearing. Left click on that and that should bring up the Apple software update.

On your screen, it might have already come up automatically. Once you receive the Apple software update pop-up, then left click Install 1 item. This might take a few minutes depending on your internet connection.

They’ll publish a new episode and then look at their i Tunes listing only to see the latest episode isn’t there yet. First, if the episode downloads fine for you (subscribed to your own podcast) and others, then there’s probably nothing wrong.

People are subscribed directly to your RSS feed, so it doesn’t matter whether i Tunes displays the latest episode in the store.

This guide shows you how to update i Tunes on a Windows PC and Mac.

You might need to update i Tunes if you’ve just updated the i OS on your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod, or other Apple device.

It’s just going to check other Apple software that might be installed on your device and if there are any updates available for that. After it’s finished running the check, click quit and you should now have the new i Tunes I’m now going to show you how to update i Tunes on Mac OS and I want to show you how to manually do it so you can get the best and greatest up-to-date versions of i Tunes for your device. Going to the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen and left clicking on it 2. In the new window that appears, you should receive a message that says “Updates are available for your computer” 3.

A few minutes into the installation, the i Tunes icon will disappear off the desktop.Your subscribers will still download it automatically according to their app’s settings.i Tunes caches everything, so it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for a new episode to appear.However, i Tunes also learns your publishing frequency and may update your podcast more quickly around the time you consistently publish a new episode.Ratings, reviews, ranking, and related podcasts are maintained by Apple, and you can’t change them.I’m quite certain this is the most common i Tunes issue podcasters complain about.

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If it looks like it’s stopped and the green bar isn’t moving, just leave it for a while because i Tunes can take a very long time to install and there are times during the installation where it looks like it’s doing nothing, so just bear with it.

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