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If this is possible then i guess update will work and not give a non key-preserved table error. February 26, 2016 - pm UTC No, you define the constraints on the base tables (t1, t2).

If you want more help with this, please provide the DDL for your tables (create table, constraints indexes) and an execution plan for the update.

Materlizedview or CTAS – Need help on Design approach ERROR: ORA-01861: literal does not match format string Why a function within a SELECT FROM DUAL is faster? Case insensitive access to mixed case table and column names?

nested loops please give me reply to type one bonus type two calculation in the proceure Select TO_CHAR(TO_DATE('20101006',' DD-MON-YY'), ' DY' ) from dual; ERROR Alert log files ORACLE DEVReports Replication Multimedia (formerly i...

Check out all our database development sessions at OOW19 Thanks for the question, Imran. MD_DT AS MD_DT, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY t2.unqid ORDER BY t2.

Asked: February 25, 2016 - pm UTC Answered by: Chris Saxon - Last updated: March 01, 2016 - am UTC Category: Database - Version: 11g Viewed 50K times! MD_DT DESC) AS ROW_IDFROM t2, t1WHERE t2.x = 'x'AND t2.y = 'y'AND t2.

The right way to avoid this error is define either a primary key or a unique index/constraint on dept(deptno). MD_DT DESC) AS ROW_ID FROM t2, t1 WHERE t2.x = 'x' AND t2.y = 'y' AND t2.That way deptno is not duplicated in DEPT table and every record from EMP table matches at most zero or one record in DEPT table. MD_DT IS NOT NULL AND t1.unqid=t2.unqid AND t1.lt='hl' ) TEMP WHERE TEMP.ROW_ID=1) Newt where newt.unqid=t1.unqid; Can we have unique key/primary key constraints on Newt. If table has 1 row and you insert one row, how many rows table will have? This process of extracting the elements of a collection is called collection unnesting. BDA_NT_TEST Cost: 1 Bytes: 77 Cardinality: 1 1 INDEX RANGE SCAN INDEX GLOB. Regardless of its form, it must return a collection value—that is, a value whose type is nested table or varray. Both of them has really the same execution plan: Plan SELECT STATEMENT ALL_ROWSCost: 4 Bytes: 150 Cardinality: 1 2 TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID TABLE (NESTED) GLOB.

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