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Errors were encountered while processing: sudo E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) This does not happen when creating the LXC base image.It does not appear to be a specific problem to my setup: At least @jonasschnelli and I have both encountered this, and it has been reported in #139 (closed) previously.This avoids the likelihood of making a mistake as root user and causing irreversible damage to the server. Updating the sudoers file lets you issue commands from CA Process Automation using sudo without prompting for the root credentials.

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This command will prompt you for the new user's password and will later require you to confirm it.

Always keep in mind to set a strong password ( One with a combination of Uppercase, lowercase, numerical & special characters ).

Upon the setup of a new Debian system, a default root account is created.

The root user has full system access and privileges and can pretty much do anything on the system that a regular user can't.

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