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16.5.02: Rebuilt main WWW-links and application pages.

In an attempt to employ the living environment around us, we designed Overgrown, an actuated robotic structure capable of supporting a plant to grow over itself.

Through a laboratory study (N=14) and a 10-day in-the-wild study (363 hand washing sessions), we found that Germ Destroyer enhances the enjoyment of hand washing, reduces the perceived hand washing duration, almost doubles the actual hand washing duration, and has the potential to reduce the risk of infection.

Ambient notifications are an essential element to support users in their daily activities.

Even if you’ve seen Body Worlds, you’ve never seen it like this.

Body Worlds Decoded puts a Silicon Valley twist on the incredible plastinated human bodies that have sparked curiosity and awe around the world.

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Amazing things happen when we combine science, technology and your imagination.

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