White shadow chat room

In this particular case I searched for “fun” and within seconds I was presented with lots of different options and inspiring palettes to use as a base for my design. It is important to think about what colors you will need when selecting a palette; I find picking something light, something dark, and something bright is always a good starting point.It’s important to have good contrast in your design.Select the Rectangle Shape Tool and place a 640 x 86px rectangle onto your canvas.Referring back to our wireframes, we have two buttons on our nav bar.Sketch C is the sketch I have decided to go ahead with — instead of a back button we have a close button.I think this makes it more obvious that once you click close, you will no longer be a part of that conversation (unlike messaging apps, where you go back, and can return to still see all of those previous messages).

Grab a pen and your favorite pad and begin sketching.If you want to make your app design look like the real deal, you can grab the status bar from the Retina i Phone GUI PSD kit found here. The standard navigation bar is 86px high, and spans the whole width of your i Phone (640px).Simply download and open the PSD, and drag the bar you want over to your PSD document. Again, you can drag this element over from the aforementioned PSD kit, or you can create this manually (my preferred option as there are no attached styles).I tend to always start with a white background in my designs.The first step is to put in the default i OS status bar.

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For that reason, I feel a fun, quirky color scheme and typography here is important to help get that point across.

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