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The Clans of Battle Tech were originally descended from the self-exiled remnants of the Star League Defense Force (SLDF), who had departed the Inner Sphere after Stefan Amaris brought about the downfall of the Star League.

General Aleksandr Kerensky led his forces to a hidden destination far from the Great Houses because he believed that a catastrophic war was inevitable, one that even the once mighty Star League army would be powerless to stop.

After much infighting between the members of the former SLDF, Aleksandr's son Nicholas Kerensky took command of the exiles, reorganizing them into twenty Clans of warriors leading and protecting their attendant civilian castes.

You read the almanac at just the right spot to end up... That is the problem with dimensional travel: you will never know. The maximum amount of items that can be held in all depot boxes together is 2,000 items for Free Account players, and 10,000 items for premium account players. Today, Scottish crest badges are commonly used by members of Scottish clans.However, much like clan tartans, Scottish crest badges do not have a long history, and owe much to Victorian era romanticism, and the dress of the Highland Regiments. Motto: STAND SURE as witnessed by armorial stones at Westerton, Banffshire dated 1664 and Botriphnie dated 1671; also by grant of Lord Lyon 20 March 1992 book 73, folio 78 to David Alexander Richard Waterton-Anderson. 12 of Waverley, Sir Walter Scott, while discussing canting of arms in heraldry wrote, "The Periissem ni per-iissem of the Anstruthers is liable to a similar objection.Crest badges intended for wear as cap badges are commonly made of silver or some other metal such as pewter.In the case of armigers they wear their own crest within a plain circlet showing their own motto or slogan, not a belt and buckle showing the chief's.

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